New Home Checklist: The Ultimate Guide for Moving to Your NEW Home

So you’ve finally found your perfect home. Now all you have to do is move in, right? But sometimes this can be easier said than done if you haven’t prepared. If you plan your move carefully, you’ll avoid a lot of stress and even save time in the end. You’ll also be able to settle into your new home more efficiently.

Here’s a checklist for you to consider as you prepare to move into that dream property.

Visit your new area first if you can

This may or may not be possible, but spending some time visiting local places of interest and facilities will help you get a good idea of what’s available in your new neighborhood. If, for example, you discover that there’s a fabulous outdoor gym around the corner, you may be able to sell that rowing machine that has been gathering dust in the basement!

Sort through your belongings ahead of time

As soon as you can, go through your belongings and sort them into donate, sell and bring with you piles. You can sell unwanted items on something like Gumtree, Craigslist, or Facebook marketplace, and donate the rest.

Don’t get rid of old shirts, sheets, or towels, however. All of those items make perfect packing materials for fragile items, and you can easily toss, recycle, or donate them once you’ve moved.

As you decide what to bring with you, make a list, especially if you’re using a moving company. Moving companies usually ask for an inventory list to estimate the costs, so if you do this as you go, it will take less time.

Look at oversized items and, if you are moving quite a distance, it may be worth selling those and buying new when you arrive in your new home. Some large items can be quite costly to move, such as mattresses, large sofas, and rugs.

Try to avoid doing it all yourself

Use a moving company if you possibly can, or the help of friends and family at the very least.

If you can’t use a moving company for the packing stage, use them for the day of the move. Moving heavy items requires skill and the last thing you’ll want is to arrive at your new home with an injury that you could have prevented!

When you start packing, begin with the non-essentials. Photos, camping equipment, etc., can stay in boxes for a while without needing to be opened. That way, you’ll keep the essential items out, and you can quickly pack them close to your moving day.

As you are packing your boxes, keep a running list of what is in each box. Or get some small stickers of different colors and assign one color to each room in your new home, e.g., green for the kitchen, blue for the master bedroom, etc. That way, when you or the movers are carrying boxes into your home, each box can be placed in the right room. You’ll save a lot of time, as you won’t be faced with clothes in your new kitchen and dishes in the basement!

Organize your paperwork

Make a list of the utilities that need canceling, as you’ll need to set those up in your new home. Check what the notice period is for utilities so that you don’t wind up paying more than you have to. You may also need new insurance and an updated driver’s license if you’re moving out of state.

You’ll also want to make a list of places to notify of your address change. Think of banks, medical practitioners, insurance companies, any subscription services, and of course, friends and family. An easy way to see what services need to be informed is to take a look at your last few bank statements. See which companies or services you make regular payments to, as they will need to be informed of your address change.

Plan to empty your pantry and fridge

Check what you’ve got in your cupboards and refrigerator. If you have an Uno Casa Dutch oven or similar, you can make lots of different one-pot meals. It can be fun to create dishes that will use up leftovers and those half-opened packets of pasta and other foods.

The less food you have to bring with you, the better, particularly if your food is exposed to extreme heat or cold on your trip to your new home. Keep that in mind when planning your meals, and treat yourself to a nice meal out when you arrive at your new home. Cooking will be the last thing on your mind after a busy moving trip!

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