Various Things that Damage Hardwood Floors

As you know, hardwood floors are desired by various people because of the adorable appearance of it. It enhances the entire home appearance that remains in the heart forever. Many people have done something to clean the hardwood floor that fades the wood’s appearance, and the entire look of the floor will not remain the same as it was at the start.

You should use everything carefully on the hardwood floor. As you know, the furniture is hard and placed on the hardwood, so it doesn’t merely create noises when you drag anything on it but scratch the hardwood; thus, its life will be reduced if more and more scratches will occur on it. 

If you will place the Wool Rugs on the floor, so it doesn’t merely enhance the entire appearance of your home but it also safe the hardwood floor from the damage because the hardwood floor requires additional care than other floors and if you will use this floor roughly so it will damage soon. To extend its life by applying protective measures to decline the damage to the floor.

If you are serious about protecting your hardwood floor and would like to damage it by roughly using so implement the below protective measures. Thus the life of the hardwood floor will enhance. Please read the below points carefully along with utilizing them on your floor and take advantage of them.

Place the Pads of Furniture

The furniture pads are essential thing for the protection of the hardwood floor. Place the furniture pads below the legs of the entire furniture of the home. Thus through the dragging of the furniture, the appearance of the floor will not ruin. Thus they keep remaining scratch-free.

For instance, you sit on a chair or sofa, so it moves slightly. Thus it creates noise and creates scratches on the floor; then, the mark will remain on the hardwood that ruins the floor’s appearance. As you know, the dragging repeatedly occurs because family members sit on the chair or sofa again and again when they are present at home. These things are used roughly and thus damage the hardwood floor quickly. That’s why furniture pads are essential.

Removing of Dust and Dirt through Sweeping

The dirt, dust, and other particles gather on the floor if you do not clean the floor properly. That’s why sweeping the floor is essential to keep safe from the hardwood floor’s damage. As you know, cleanliness is important to keep the hardwood floor adorable. Thus the appearance of it will not decline as time has passed.

Liquid Cleaners will damage Hardwood Floors

Liquid cleaners play the role of the enemy to the hardwood floor. As you know, the cleaning chemicals are concentrated that ruin the floor’s appearance and thus the floor will fade soon. Some rooms of the home are high traffic in which the footprints will occur on the floor. That’s why these places are required to clean regularly.  

You can use water to clean properly. If you are cleaning the floor regularly then clean it with a mop. The wet mop is good for the hardwood floor but doesn’t wet it with detergents. Use the water to wet the mop. Apply the detergent at that specific place where the water is not working for cleaning it. Then remove the detergent spontaneously by putting the water on it thus it will not damage your floor.

Keep the Rug Pads below the Rugs

As you know, some rugs are thin, and they easily move when you take your step on them. That’s why people use the rug pads to remain safe from sliding. If there are kids in your home, use the Ikat Rugs in their room along with the rug pads to keep your kids safe from falling. 

Selecting the right rug pads is essential for the hardwood floor because the rug pads’ wrong selection leaves the marks on the floor. Thus your floor appearance will decline. It will dull and fade the floor’s shine. It will discolor your floor. So use the rubber rug pads to keep your floor safe as well as yourself.

Place the Mat on the Floor that is Near the Door

If the main door opens and the hardwood floor has started from it, mats are essential on that space because the shoes are dirty that have taken from the outside. When the people enter the house with dirty and messy shoes, it creates marks and footprints on the hardwood. But the mat keeps the hardwood floor safe, so you must keep the mats at these places.

Wearing of High Heels

The high heels have a pointer where all the body weights fall. These types of pencil heels create a dent on the floor. When you will wear the high heels inside the home and move here and there in these heels, it damages the floor’s entire appearance. That’s why high heels are not safe for that nice and adorable floor.

If you wear the soft and cozy slippers inside your home and leave the high heel shoes at the door, it will not create a dent on the floor. Thus your floor will not damage. Thus the hardwood floor shining is long-lasting.

Trimming your Pet’s Nails is Essential

As you know, the animals have the growing nails as humans have. If you do not trim their nails, they scratch the hardwood floor. Don’t leave the long nails of your pets if you have a hardwood floor in the home. Don’t ruin the hardwood floor’s appearance because your carefulness is essential to keep the same appearance as before.

As you know, pets are innocent, and they create stains on the floor of dirt or food. It would help if you cleaned all such things from the floor immediately. If you do not clean it spontaneously, it leaves marks on the floor that you can’t clean after long hours.

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