Candace Osmond

Interior Design Specialist & Crafter

Candace, our resident crafting enthusiast who loves sharing her creative projects and tips with others. Not only is she a USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Fantasy Romance, an Award-Winning indie screenwriter, and a prolific content creator, but she also dedicates her free time to her passion for crafting in her cozy workspace.

Hailing from the beautiful country of Canada, Candace currently resides along the rugged east coast with her loving family, a slobbery bulldog, and two adorable guinea pigs. When she isn’t working her magic on the keyboard, you can find her exploring the stunning beaches of Newfoundland or indulging in a good book at her peaceful lake house.


Candace brings a wealth of experience to, as an Award-Winning Interior Designer with a Certificate in Color Theory. When she’s not immersed in the world of writing or reading, you can find her in her craft room, painting figurines, canvases, and creating unique merchandise for her book-inspired Etsy shop.

Throughout her years as an Interior Designer, Candace has also honed her skills as a Soft Goods Specialist, designing and crafting everything from window treatments to throw pillows and bedding.


Candace’s education includes studying Design at SCAAT, Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC, and Small Business Essentials at CNA. She holds a Color Theory Certificate through Pittsburgh Paints and is a Certified Soft Goods Specialist.

Proudly affiliated with ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors), WANL (Writer’s Alliance of Newfoundland & Labrador), and as the co-founder of LENL (Literary Arts of Newfoundland & Labrador), Candace is eager to connect with readers, fellow writers and crafters, and anyone seeking tips on crafting and making in any form!

You can find Candace online just about anywhere, so don’t hesitate to reach out and join her creative journey at!

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