Gimme pizza (P-I-Z-Z-A)! Yes, summer is homemade pizza season and it’s oh so sweet. Homemade pizza is a great way to clean out the fridge, or celebrate the last harvest of the garden – the combinations are endless, and there are lots of resources on the web for making the best dough. There is even an easy recipe below for thin-crust lovers like myself! Pizza has finally been re-embraced as a homemade delight, rather than an unhealthy fast food craving, and it’s time to break out the pizza stone and peel! You can prepare your dough whole wheat, vegan, or gluten-free, and once you get the hang of it you can experiment with your own unique topping combinations. Now let’s get this pizza party started!


Green Cauliflower pizza (gluten-free) via Sassy Kitchen
Green Cauliflower Pizza (via Sassy Kitchen)

This gluten-free number will satisfy all with a classic prosciutto and mozzarella combo.

Goat cheese & Onion pizza via Minimalist Baker
Goat Cheese & Caramelized Onion (via Minimalist Baker)

Sweet caramelized onions make the perfect pairing with goat cheese on this pie.

Heirloom Tomato & Quinoa pizza via Cannelle & Vanille
Heirloom Tomato & Quinoa (via Cannelle & Vanille)

This recipe is technically a galette, so expect a lighter dough (made with quinoa)!

Padron Pepper Margherita pizza via The Bojon Gourmet
Padron Pepper Margherita (via The Bojon Gourmet)

A unique take on the classic margherita pizza (a favorite).

Burrata pizza via What's Gaby Cooking
Burrata Pizza (via What’s Gaby Cooking)

The creamy burrata cheese and crispy prosciutto make this pizza delish.



Green Goddess pizza via Kale & Caramel
Green Goddess Pizza (via Kale & Caramel)

This green pizza boasts lots of herby goodness and fresh green peas.

Carrot & Leek pizza via Food 52
Carrot & Leek Pizza (via Food 52)

This Middle-Eastern inspired pizza is topped off with fennel shavings.

Sun Dried Tomato & Walnut pizza via Naturally Ella
Sun Dried Tomato & Walnut pizza (via Naturally Ella)

A breakfast pizza? Sounds ideal!

Squash Blossom pizza via Saveur
Squash Blossom Pizza (via Saveur)

Squash blossoms make an incredible pattern in this artful recipe.

Thin Crust pizza via How Sweet Eats
Thin Crust Pizza (via How Sweet Eats)

If you’re a fan of thin crust like me, you’ll love this easy recipe!




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