3 Ways To Tastefully Combine Eclectic And Modern Decor

3 Ways To Tastefully Combine Eclectic And Modern Decor 1

When you combine a multitude of styles, from different eras, with different textures and patterns, it’s easy to think that your unique and sometimes quirky preferences don’t really fit together. Moreover, it’s even more difficult to believe that a modern piece of decor would fit in this mixture where time and space seem to lose their meaning. 

However, this is exactly what it means to have an eclectic style. You love diversity and enjoy combining interior decor styles in something that’s uniquely yours. Of course, this style almost always goes with a lovely personality that lets you stand out from the crowd in most situations. 

But, just like that personality of yours, an appealing and ingenious eclectic decor is not that easy to maintain nor is it easily understood by others. But, there are a few tips and tricks that help bring some meaning to the madness, in an effort to share your style with the world and keep things pleasant to the eye.  

Today we’ll discuss some of them, and the rest are for you to discover. 

#1: Combine Two Clashing Styles with Grace

 Who said modern furniture doesn’t go well with rustic elements? 

While it may seem that these two styles are polar opposites, if you choose the right patterns and textures, there’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy both in the same room. For instance, you can create a modern rustic decor in your living room by mixing a modern style couch and coffee table with rustic side tables and chairs. 

The secret to make this work is to use patterns with an organic approach (without sharp lines or geometric shapes). Also, don’t combine too many strong colors and use the textiles to create layers. For instance, you could use several stylish, monochrome designer blankets (like the ones from John Elliot) to guide the eye towards the couch area and blend everything together. 

#2: Create Negative Space

The mixture of colors, textures, and styles can easily tire the eye and give the impression of a cluttered space. That’s why, in order to give meaning to an eclectic style, it’s crucial to have open spaces (aka negative space) devoid of visual stimulation. 

Now, depending on the size of the room and furniture pieces available, you can create negative space by leaving a few shelves empty or making sure the coffee table is de-cluttered. However, the best way to do it is by leaving an entire wall empty. You can use color to highlight it (read about choosing the right color according to your setting) but nothing else. 

Lastly, negative space can help create an idea of organization and cleanliness to the space. 

#3: Create a Focal Point

We like visual decors that have meaning and the easiest way to do so is by creating a focal point. Luckily, with eclectic designs, it’s rather easy to find unique enough elements that will instantly draw the eye through color, texture, or shape. 

A focal point can be anything from a colorful and weirdly shaped coffee table to a gallery wall for your most prized photos, paintings, and more. The secret to establishing the main focus area of a room is to mark it with an eye-catching element. This one will set the mood of the room and let viewers enjoy your uniqueness in all its glory. 

Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t always have to follow the rules imposed by modern interior design magazines and blogs. It’s more than OK to follow your own preferences and gather pieces you love and enjoy owning!