4 Tips To Vacuum Like A Pro

Vacuuming is a crucial process in any home cleaning routine. Especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is vital to keep your space clean to prevent the spread of the virus.

Many people think that there is nothing more to vacuuming than just plugging the device and getting started with it. However, believe it or not, vacuuming is an art that few people get right.

You got that right, there is a certain way of vacuuming a home, which we’ll discuss here. So if you’re interested to start vacuuming like a pro, here are four tips to do so!

1. Create A Schedule

A lot of people make mistakes here—they don’t create a schedule for vacuuming their home. If you’re vacuuming whenever you want, or maybe skipping it altogether at times, you may be compromising the cleanliness and health of your home.

Therefore, in order to keep your home impeccable and free of germs and parasites, it’s important to create a vacuuming schedule. In most cases, vacuuming twice a week would be enough. However, if you have high traffic in our area because of children or pets, it’s better to do it more often. Especially when vacuuming hardwood floors, this is because the pet hair will build up and you’ll have hairballs everywhere!

If you don’t create a routine for yourself, it will become difficult for you to keep a clean home, and at times, cleaning would not make much difference!

2. Prepare The Space

Here’s what differentiates a pro from a novice: preparing the space before vacuuming!

Let’s talk about how you may prepare your home before you vacuum.


Before vacuuming a particular room, dust the surfaces and wait for a few minutes so that it settles before you vacuum.

Gather All Small Objects

This one is for all the parents out there: scan the floor for small objects, such as your child’s or pet’s toys, and pick them up before you start vacuuming.

Move Large Objects

If furniture, pet beds, toys, etc. are in the way, make sure to clear the space up before you vacuum so that they don’t come in between.

Be Mindful Of Delicate Areas

Various rugs and carpets are too delicate to be vacuumed with the usual ‘beater brush’. Opt for a more delicate brush type to vacuum delicate surfaces.

Set Appropriate Height

You may also have to adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner as per the carpet in your room. You may look at the manufacturer specification for the recommended height setting.

3.  Use Proper Technique 

Here is another aspect where most people make mistakes: they rush to vacuum and don’t ensure whether they are using the right technique for it or not.

Here, we are outlining the best techniques to use while vacuuming:

Take Your Time

It is important that you take your time while vacuuming. You will get better results if you go slowly over the surfaces rather than rushing the vacuum cleaner.

Clean The Edges First

We suggest cleaning the edges first by using the attachment ‘crevice tool’ before you go on vacuuming the entire carpet.

Go For Two Passes

Household Advice suggests vacuuming in a cross-hatched pattern by going horizontal across the room and then going in the vertical direction.

Vacuum Yourself Out Of The Room

Start by vacuuming the area farthest away from the room’s door, and then work your way out of the room by stepping through the door. 

Utilize All Your Attachments

You may like to call it quits after vacuuming a room.

In order to get the best results, and to vacuum like a pro, we suggest you use all the attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner.

By using different attachments to clean the outside of your room, along the baseboard, furniture, upholstery, etc. you will have a spotless home to yourself.

4. After Vacuuming

No, after you’ve vacuumed a certain room, the job is NOT done!

Here are a few things you may do to ensure an impeccable home and to make sure the process gets easier for you the next time around.

Neutralize Rooms

When you’re done vacuuming, try and freshen up the smell of the room by spraying a bit of neutralizer. This is especially helpful if you have old rugs and carpets.

Fight Carpet Stains The Right Way

After you have vacuumed a space, you may use a tough carpet cleaner to fight carpet stains.

Empty the Filter

You also want to empty out the filter when you’re done vacuuming and change the bag too if necessary.

Clean The Vacuum

When you’re done with your cleaning routine, clean the vacuum’s hoses and brushes so that the machine can be used promptly the next time.

Mop The Floor

You know what’s the cherry on top for freshly vacuumed floors? Mopping!

Mopping or even steam mopping your floors can give the ultimate finish to your floors after a good vacuum!

Wrapping Up

In this article, we gave you four brilliant tips to vacuum like a pro.

You may think that vacuuming is just another mundane task that needs to be out of the way as soon as it starts. However, vacuuming the right way can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your home clean.

Before vacuuming, you may clean the space, move small and large objects out of the way. While vacuuming, you may take your time, use various attachments, and clean a room in two passes. After vacuuming, you may spray a neutralizer, and clean the vacuum’s filter

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