5 Essential Questions To Ask a Concrete Contractor

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used for home and business spaces in the United States. As a matter of fact, it is reported that about 1000 metric tons of concrete are used in past years. 

Concrete companies such as atlantaconcreteartisans.com use concrete for their projects because of its impressive durability and easy to maintain finishes. Concrete is an excellent option for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, but to guarantee a quality outcome, you need to hire a professional concrete contractor. Before hiring one, here are the five essential questions you need to ask to ensure quality results that your home or business deserves.  

1. Are your concrete services licensed, insured, and bonded? 

This should be the first question to ask a concrete contractor. If in case the answer is no, then it’s a sign that you should not hire the contractor. 

A licensed company always ensures that all contractors have finished the required education, training, and apprenticeships for the specific state to grant them a license. If a contractor is licensed, ask for their documents and check if it is updated. 

Aside from their license, also check if the contractor is insured. Liability insurance protects and covers your property from any possible injuries that may occur during the installation process and any possible damages that may take place to your existing structure. 

A bonded company is another type of insurance that protects the money that was put for the project. If in case the contractor does not complete the project or did not fulfill financial obligations, you don’t have to worry because the bond protects you from all those possibilities.  

2. What warranties and guarantees you provide?

Guarantees and warranties protect your property from poorly installed concrete applications. If in case a few weeks or months, you would notice some cracks or any types of damages, the written guarantees and warranties in the contract will have you covered.   

Look for a concrete company that offers a longer guarantee and warranty periods. Twelve to twenty-four months is an ideal warranty period for concrete projects. This timeframe ensures that any damages will be fixed by the contractor.    

3. Do you have references from your previous clients? 

To know the contractor’s quality work, it is important to ask if they have references from their previous or present clients. You can also ask a friend that has previously availed their services. See what they have to say about the quality and outcome of their work. Doing so will help you gauge if the contractor is the right person to hire for the project. 

You can at least have three of their previous clients to talk to for more diverse opinions, ask them if the contractor is trustworthy, easy to contact and, fulfills the timeline written on the contract.

3. Do you have sample work from your previous projects? 

Most professional and experienced concrete contractors will be ready to show you their portfolio or sample projects they have completed in the past. They show you their sample work through their phone, a document, or a website.

Asking for a sample work makes a concrete contractor credible for any concrete project you may have for them, and it also gives you assurance with regards to the quality outcome they produce. 

4. When can you start the project? 

Before the concrete project starts, it is important to know the availability of the contractor and come up with a schedule that would work for both of you. Once the schedule is clear, make that everything that will be done for the project, the terms, and the timeframe is in writing. 

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