6 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make it Look Bigger

Small bathrooms can be challenging to use and make it seem like there is no room for anything. But with a few minor adjustments, even the smallest bathroom can look more prominent, clutter-free, and functional. Below are some ideas on how you can do this by adding;

1. Install a small vanity in the corner for storage and functionality

One of the best ways to get storage in your bathroom is by installing a small vanity. This gives you the option to place things like extra towels and toiletries while making it easy for you during styling sessions. You get so much storage in this corner small sink with a storage area. It’s a fantastic item for compact bathrooms.

2. Add shelves above the toilet for extra storage 

A great way to add extra storage is by putting up shelves above the toilet. Many people don’t think about it, but it can be an excellent place for storing clothes or towels.

3. Hang towels on hooks instead of using an expensive towel rack

Do you know what I have learned over the years? People are creative, so hang your towels on hooks instead of buying a towel rack for your small bathroom. They look great, and it’s practical.

4. Use space-saving options for hanging clothes in a small bathroom

Storage in the bathroom is a tricky thing. Housing your products and gear, even when you have limited space, can be tough. There are so many options for what to use- but one of our favorites has been foldable hangers that take up very little room with their compact size. They make great substitutes to traditional clothes racks or hooks on doors because they don’t stick out too far into an already tight niche within this small end zone.

5. Keep your bathroom clutter-free by keeping only necessary items in it

One of the best ways to declutter a small bathroom is by keeping only necessary items in it. Remember that you should not have too many things taking up space. If there are more unnecessary objects, your sink will be cluttered and difficult for users who go into this room or use its amenities often (toothbrush, toothpaste). If possible, try leaving everything else outside when guests come over – they’ll appreciate seeing what’s in place while getting used.

6. Choose a suitable color to paint your small bathroom to make it look bigger

Do you want your small bathroom to look bigger? Whether it’s the right color that will make all of those tiles and cabinets pop out, what type of paint is best for creating depth in a two-dimensional space with limited dimension. Opinions vary when asked which shade or tone we think looks most inviting: very light shades work well and help give off an airy feel-good vibe.

You know that feeling when you walk into a small bathroom, and it feels like there’s no space for anything? It can be frustrating, but your tiny room will feel more spacious with the right layout or design ideas. Take some of our tips to get started on transforming your little haven into one you’re proud of.