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Indoor plants are making a huge reappearance in home decor, especially in warmer climates like in Atlanta. A houseplant can thrive as the focal point to any room and bring a much-needed splash of greenery and overall freshness. However, an indoor plant needs to be carefully selected, strategically placed and always maintained, so it not only looks clean but also leaves an impression. A plant that isn’t upheld or doesn’t mesh with the ambiance can actually do serious harm to the room’s feng shui. Are you currently struggling with your indoor houseplant arrangement? Here are six ways you can revive your indoor plants and create a breathtakingly fresh room.  


Custom grooming
Each plant will require customized maintenance, so it is important to research your plant before buying. There are many tips to keep your plant healthy but in cities like Atlanta, heat makes watering your plant particularly crucial. Limp leaves and dry soil are recurring problems for plant owners and can be solved by the simple process of watering. After all, a dying plant in the center of your home won’t do you any favors.


Keep the dust off
Many homeowners have already honed in on the houseplant trend already by placing indoor greenery throughout the home. Yet many people don’t know this vital trick – like any essential decorative piece, it is vital to dust off your indoor plant. Dust build up can not only affect the growth of your plant by blocking sunlight but also attract bugs and insects.

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Transform with a new planter
Are you properly maintaining your indoor plant yet the overall aesthetic still seems off? It’s time to assess the planter itself. Find a planter that ties seamlessly into the decor and brings a bit of pop to the plant. If you have architectural plants, such as a
6 WAYS TO GIVE HOUSEPLANTS A CHANCE 3, bromeliads, or monstera, look for a bold ceramic planter that will liven up the basic structure of your plant. For a more traditional plant, like begonias and amaryllis, a terra cotta pot might be the best choice.

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Plant to palette
Plants come in an array of colors and a slight change in shade can have a drastic effect in the room. You want to make sure your plant’s color compliments the design scheme in your room. For example, if you are working with sage green or robin’s egg blue color scheme, a ‘blue crisp’ fern will pair flawlessly, creating an everlasting impression.

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Start a collection
Because of the variety and popularity, it is easy to start a plant collection in your home. A quick combination of various plant can create a more layered look and have a thorough impact of the overall aesthetic in any room.

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Keep it fresh
Whether you are ready to throw out your dingy plant or you haven’t considered houseplants until now, you always have the option to start with a fresh, new arrangement. Find a plant that speaks to you and matches your home’s vibe. Looking for an insider tip? A plant alert trend for 2017 is the indoor olive tree. Its simplicity and dusty green color have won over hearts and are popping up in rooms throughout the design world.

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  1. Laurel Bern wrote:

    Haha! I see another Laurel! If they’re out there, I seem to attract them. Was just thinking about you since we had the Design Blogger’s Conference again. I got to speak this year! Hope all’s well. Gorgeous post! I need help with my plants. Most die too quickly! xo

    Posted 3.14.17 Reply
    • Oh how fun! I wish I could have been there to hear it. I was disappointed I couldn’t attend this year but I hope I can come again in the future.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Posted 3.14.17 Reply
  2. Katie Wood Peters wrote:

    You make good points about the importance of indoor plants. I bought a DIY terrarium kit for a friend in poor health. He loved it! It brought greenery inside against the winter blahs, plus it was not physically strenuous. Having something to take care of has lifted his spirits as well.

    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
    • What a thoughtful gift, it can truly be a joy to care for plants! I’m so glad to hear that it lifted your friend’s spirits.

      Posted 3.12.17 Reply