7 Ways You Can Improve Your Office’s Interior

7 Ways You Can Improve Your Office’s Interior 1

Did you know that one of the biggest factors in your productivity is the look of your office space? Researchers have found that our environment is a larger factor in our behavior than we realized. This is why the biggest retailers and hospitals are working around the clock to create their ideal environment, whether it’s for shopping or healing.

Creating the ideal office space will not only help with your productivity, but also stress, mood, and social interaction. Think about it: If your office has a few comfortable-looking chairs in it, people will feel more inclined to stay awhile when they stop by. Or, if your office is poorly lit, you will likely start to feel tired earlier in the day.

What this means is that you can hack your mood and productivity by making a few simple adjustments to your office space like adding new art pieces or doing new interior painting. Whether you’re working from home or commuting in, who wouldn’t want to get more things done and feel better doing it? Here are a few easy ways you can begin creating your perfect work zone.

1. Improve your lighting

One of the fastest ways you can improve your office space is by switching up the lighting. Studies have shown that a room’s lighting can affect you drastically. For example, it can affect your overall fatigue, mood, and focus. If you have a brightly lit (but not too bright) atmosphere, you will begin to feel more awake and alert.

Note that this works both for natural and artificial lighting. If you happen to have a window in your office, consider leaving the blinds open throughout your workday. Natural sunlight can work wonders for mood regulation!

If you want to switch up your artificial lighting, you don’t necessarily need to replace all of the fixtures in your office. You could add a lamp to a shelf, corner, or desk to brighten things up!

2. Hang up some art

Oftentimes, our office spaces come with blank, neutral-colored walls. This provides a lack of stimulation in the environment that saps energy and focus. One quick remedy to this is to add art to your wall according to your tastes. You could also place sculptures and standing picture frames on desks and tables.

Being surrounded by a few art pieces of your preference can add to the beauty of the space and spark your creativity. Some may want to go with more minimalistic pieces to promote peace and wholeness, and others may pack the space with their favorite pieces of pop culture to stimulate thought and conversation.

Either way, adding art to your space will make you and others feel more at home, safe, and comfortable within your office.

3. Add plants

One of the best ways you can improve your office space and workday is by adding a plant (or three). Simply being around plants has a naturally calming effect. In fact, adding a plant to your desk can actually help your concentration and memory!

Which plant you go with is largely a matter of personal preference, but make sure that you can take care of it! A low-maintenance plant such as a succulent could be best. Add a cactus or a jade plant to your office and enjoy the boost it gives!

4. Paint an Accent Wall

Though this idea is a bit more labor-intensive than the others, it can pay off dramatically. An accent wall is a fantastic way to add more dimension to your space, as well as give the room more of your style.

When you have an accent wall, you will begin to feel more at home in your office environment. You could go with a different color or even material (such as wood or stone) to get the result you want. Make sure to hire a commercial painter. Depending on the look, the accent wall could energize, calm, spark creativity, or even boost your confidence!

5. Install a minifridge

Adding a minifridge to your office is a great way to maximize both productivity and enjoyment. Additionally, there is such a wide variety that you can easily find something that matches your office’s overall aesthetic theme.

Having a handful of your favorite beverages at hand can increase your comfort, save time, and if those beverages are caffeinated, improve your focus. Additionally, it can make people you may meet feel more welcome and taken care of.

6. Throw a rug down

This idea is often overlooked, but don’t discount it! Adding a rug is an amazing way to put your unique stamp on your office space. It can also make you feel more at home, improve sound quality, and put the final touch on your space’s style. Offices with rugs in them feel warmer and contain much more personality.

You could go with something muted that assimilates well with the overall color scheme, or you could turn your rug into a statement piece. Either way, it will leave you feeling cozy and reading to take on the day.

7. Add bookshelves

The final idea is to add densely populated bookshelves to your space. This is a way to show off your personality, start conversations, and even store some handy reference material. The personality of your bookshelf gets to mirror your personality, and it will help you create a more home-like environment.

Additionally, there are well-known benefits to being around books all the time. A quick read during a break or the lunch hour can energize your brain and get your creative juices flowing. You just might learn something that can help you with your projects as well!

Creating Your Dream Workspace

What is your ideal office space? Is it a high-performance zone that promotes focus and productivity? Or is it an inviting atmosphere meant to calm and disarm? No matter what you’re going for, these ideas can help you build it.

Take a couple of ideas that stood out to you and implement them. It’s easy to get started. Once you’ve made one or two improvements, you’ll start to feel the results. Soon you’ll be well on your way to having the office you’ve always wanted. Have fun!