8 Avoidable Mistakes When Moving Your Family to a New Home

Living in your dream house is exciting. But moving your family to a new home isn’t much fun. For some people, it is the most dreadful part. The lack of preparation leads to numerous troubles for both you and your children. 

Steer clear from the inconvenience. Aside from hearing yourself with the right attitude, be mindful of these avoidable mistakes when moving your family to a new home. 

Insufficient Research 

Falling into moving pitfalls drags down the excitement of your newly bought house. However, it is avoidable if you have researched about the new place. 

Find out what opportunities await in the neighborhood. Think about the recreational activities accessible for your children. Apart from malls, playgrounds and parks are great entertainment options. 

Nearby healthcare facilities are indispensable when you have kids. Often, unexpected accidents occur. So, look for a new doctor immediately. 

Reputable school districts are also vital when moving. Never sacrifice your kid’s education just to get an excellent place to live. 

Don’t forget to check the safety and security of the community and local green areas. Moving to a new home feels a lot better when you know you and your family will surely enjoy it. 

Lack Of Prep Time For Kids

Children are part of the moving process. Never underestimate their capability to understand. Take time to talk with your little ones about the terms included when you move. They might be excited at first, but when everything sinks in, they’ll soon feel different. 

Discuss every detail with your child. Be open-minded so you can comprehend them better. Then, consider these tips to prepare them for the big change emotionally. 

Explain the need to move

At such a young age, kids are rational. They accept changes openly if explained to them clearly. Let them understand why you have to leave your home and friends behind. It might upset them, but it’s better than putting them in the dark.

Encourage them to express

Always communicate with your children so that they can open up. Aside from setting up the new place in their mind, let them vent out. Frustrations are normal. Never invalidate their feelings, rather assure them by being honest, patient, and considerate. 

Give time for goodbyes.

Regardless of their age, kids are attached to your current community. Help them bid goodbye by visiting their favorite places. Or you can organize a farewell party with their friends. Let them choose a token from your old home. Take photos if you must to keep memories longer. 

Remember, kids also have to adjust. So, give them ample time and knowledge to overcome the feeling of loss. Also, being well-informed beforehand is better than none. 

Shortfall Safety Measures For Children

Kids are innately helpful. They want to try out new things and imitate what adults do. So when the day of moving arrives, give them their tasks. This way, they can feel they are part of the relocation process.

Keep little helping hands away from harm’s way. Electrical cords, breakable items, and sharp objects are a big no-no. Instead, let them handle their personal stuff. 

For their best safety, let them stay with their grandparents or trusted friends for a while. Keep them occupied with an adult supervising them. It saves you from stressing more about the moving chaos. 

Misinformation About Leasing Rights

Always take time to read and comprehend your leasing rights. You must be free to move any time within the contract. Also, learn your rights with the whole relocation process. 

Don’t forget to communicate with your landlord. It keeps the flow of moving your family to a new home a lot easier. Plus, they can provide you assistance in whatever matters you might need. 

Transferring to your new place is not all about the boxes to carry. You must accomplish all paperwork beforehand. Have a safekeeping of your copy. It will come in handy in the future. 

Miscommunication With Movers

Hiring movers is costly. That’s why some new homeowners prefer to do it their way. However, if you lack extensive planning, it poses you with high risks. Wear and tear on your body is a potential problem. Also, a lack of skills can damage your household goods.. 

Professional movers provide the best assistance you need. All you have to do is contact them and provide all the important information. Make sure you give the correct time, date, and address of moving. 

Stay in touch with them as often as possible. It is more manageable if both your family and the movers are well updated. 

Failure To Secure Valuables

Moving into your new home means transferring all your belongings. It includes both household stuff and personal valuables. 

Always be responsible for handling expensive items. Pack your jewelry carefully and transport it personally. Separate a moving box for crucial documents, coin collection, or high-priced technology. Keep your fragile possessions in your hand to ensure their safety. 

Moving companies are not in charge of such items. Typically, they are not accountable for particular articles. 

Forget To Update Essential Details

Moving your family to a new home includes changing every service you have. Inform banks, insurance agencies, and other subscription-based services about your new address. So, contact them immediately to avoid missing essential bills and notifications. 

Also, talk to your doctors about the move. Discuss with them about medical referrals. If possible, ask them how to transfer your medical records. 

Don’t forget to visit your kid’s school. Request the registrar’s office for all the school records and paperwork needed for their new academy. 

Do this ahead of time to avoid the inconvenience of losing essential documents. 

Neglect The Current Home

Throughout the relocation process, your full attention is solely on your new home. However, keep in mind that your current house needs attention as well. Moving to a property in Philippines like a condominium in Pasig can be overwhelming but do not neglect your old home.

Conduct a deep clean of the entire home before moving out. Then, make necessary repairs when needed. This step makes your previous property feasible for rent conditions or ready-to-sell. 

Also, cancel all your bills and subscription services that your current home receives. Then, contact the utility services, lawn care, and pest control facility. Most importantly, ask for your rental deposits back. 

Whether you’re planning to wing your moving in or hire professional movers, always check these common mistakes. It saves you from the hassle of coming back and forth from your current house to your new address. Also, make sure the little ones get involved. Give ample time to sit and talk to them first. 

Moving your family to a new home is chaotic if not planned well. Bear these tips in mind to ensure a smoother transition.