8 Tips and Tricks to Beautify Every Room in Your House

8 Tips and Tricks to Beautify Every Room in Your House 1
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We spend so much time in our homes. This is where we come after a long day to relax and rest and there we need this space to beautiful. I will share simple ideas on how you can make that very important space beautiful and more beautiful below:

Focusing on bright colors

Bright colors are said to boost your mood and matter of fact they always make a room appear more lively. You can throw in some colorful throw pillows, repaint your wall and use bright curtains. You can also replace your cushions with the bright colored ones and add those beautiful rugs. Get some colorful curtains. Add some colorful bowls and mugs in your kitchen and get some bright wall hangings to add some color. Depending on our preference, pick a color you like form our very rich spectrum and combine it with colors that go in harmony with it.

Decorate with mirrors

Decorate mirrors are not only beautiful but they also play a great role in lighting your room because they reflect light. Placement is essential. You need to hang them up on eye level and not as high as we place art. You can put up some on your living room and your family room and kill the dull atmosphere. To top it all up, mirrors have a way of making a room look bigger so do not shy off from using them in your small space.

Experiment with accessories

Just like human beings use accessories to enhance their look, the same applies to houses.Accessories give your home a personality and help fill those empty spaces. Each room has specific accessories that can be used. For instance, faux antlers add a touch a spice to a room and come in different materials. Candle sticks sit well on the dining table or on the shelves. Flowers are a good example as well; placing some on the hall way, or your coffee table would definitely make your room more dashing.

Refresh your room with greenery or floral

That touch of green inside our homes is a definite way to bring beauty into our homes. Flowers too, add that natural color in a simple yet noticeable way not to mention the fact that they bring in fresh air there are those that require direct sunlight and those that may not so depending on the set up of your home, go for those that suits you. Plants and flowers need to be shown off and enjoyed, so place them in your living room or where you tend to host the most.

Embrace natural light

A well lit home looks bright. To encourage sunlight into your house, ensure there are no objects blocking the light. Cut off those shrubs and trees blocking the sunlight. Also, ensure your window sheers and curtains fabrics are light to allow light to reach in. Search for fabric shop online and easily get the fabric delivered at your door. Paint your walls with bright colors that reflect light and add some shiny accessories on your walls and shelves and enjoy the light.

Use imagination power for choosing furniture

A design of a place is capable of affecting your mood. It can either make you feel great or dull. With that said, you need to be bold when going for furniture and pick a design that will make you want to go back home everyday to enjoy it. Play around with the color, print and texture of your furniture and bring your personality.

Replace bathroom and kitchen tiles

Tiles do play a huge role in the appearance of your bathrooms and kitchens so you need to know exactly what to buy. When choosing tiles for our bathroom or kitchen wall, it is advisable to first choose the color you love, or perhaps pattern or shape then you can consider other tiles to compliment it. For the floors, you can either choose to go a bit bold and dramatic or just something simple depending on your taste. You can also play around with the lay out. You do not have to have all the tiles in uniform boring patterns.

Add texture through rugs, pillows and blankets

To kill that plain bored look, you can change up those pillows, rugs and blankets. Although we use pillows to add comfort to our bedrooms or living room, they can add some life in our home if we also try having fun with them. It is very easy to make your entire room look brand new just by changing up rugs, pillow and blankets. The important point you need to be keen on when picking these accessories is choosing one color and marry it with its shades. Symmetrical patterns are more orderly so avoid too complicated pattern that may appear busy.

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