A Cut Flower Garden / Removing Ivy

Planting a Cut Flower #Garden / Thou Swell (via Luisa Brimble)

(via Luisa Brimble)

As I mentioned in my first gardening post this year, we’re planning to plant a cut-flower garden in our side yard, but first we had to remove the thick ivy that covered the area. Originally, this space was a dog pen for our dog to stay in during the day, but she kept escaping from it (Houdini dog). Because of this we already have an area blocked out by some wire fencing, so we’d like to plant that area with cut flowers (grown from seed) so we can enjoy fresh flower arrangements all spring, summer, and fall! Continue reading to learn some tips on ivy removal (and see my very first GIF!)…

HOW TO REMOVE IVY / tips and tricks from Thou Swell #gardening

Ivy recalls a sense of formality and classicism in a garden, but its invasive nature makes it hard to control, and when it gets out of control, which is quite often the case, it climbs over anything in it’s path (like a tree) and strangles it. Once you are tasked with removing this plant from the ground, you’ll think twice about planting it. Ivy removal is no easy task, but with these tips you’ll have a better understanding of what it takes, and how to do it most efficiently!

HOW TO REMOVE IVY / #Gardening with Thou Swell

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