A New Level Of Class: 5 Reasons To Install A Bidet

Bidets have become increasingly popular over the last several decades. Centuries ago, they were considered somewhat uncouth by many people. That certainly changed over time, though. These days, they’re making appearances in bathrooms across the nation. They can offer a range of benefits when compared to the norm, and they’re even outranking standard toilet paper by a considerable margin at this point. If you’re on the fence about installing a bidet, take a look at five key reasons doing so is the way to go. 

1) Getting Rid of Lingering Germs

Some toilet paper varieties clean better than others. Still, even the best options on the market can only go so far. Many people point out that paper alone leaves them feeling less than clean and fresh. That’s not the case with bidets. They can clean far more thoroughly than toilet paper alone. You can even have Bathroom Designers help you find a bidet that cleans so completely you may not need paper at all. If you want to use paper as a supplement, though, you’ll certainly be free to do so.

2) They’re Simple and Effective

Millions of people, such as the elderly and the disabled, struggle with everyday tasks like bathing, cleaning themselves after using the bathroom, and getting dressed. A bidet may not solve all those issues, but it’ll certainly make matters simpler in the bathroom for both those experiencing issues and their caretakers.

Bidets can help keep certain illnesses and medical problems at bay by eliminating germs that would otherwise linger on patients as well. They’re even helpful for people who are living with arthritis, joint injuries, and simple muscle soreness and stiffness. They’re also useful and effective tools for young children who haven’t quite learned to clean themselves with paper. 

3) Environmental Benefits

Bidets can go a long way toward benefiting the environment, too. They help eliminate much of the paper waste that enters the nation’s sewers, septic tanks, landfills, and waterways. Keep in mind that using less toilet paper also means harvesting fewer trees to manufacture it. That’s yet another argument in favor of bidets.

Many people may think that the water bidets use might detract from their other environmental benefits, but that’s not the case. Modern bidets are designed with ultimate efficiency in mind, so they use minimal water. As such, their advantages for the environment are multifaceted.

4) Better for the Plumbing System

According to the latest statistics, the average American uses 140 rolls of toilet paper per year. That’s a great deal of paper to send through a plumbing system. It certainly takes a toll on the pipes and all the other components of the plumbing system. It can have a major negative impact on a septic tank and sewer system as well. Opting for a bidet can reduce the wear and tear on those components and systems, potentially making them last longer. 

5) Impressive Versatility

Today’s bidets come with a range of helpful features. Though you can certainly purchase a basic model, there are far more options out there. Some allow you to adjust the water pressure remotely. Others offer customized temperature controls. They’re also available with accompanying heated air dryers, lights, deodorizers, and other features you might find useful. 

Taking Your Bathroom to a New Level

As you can see based on these points, there’s a good reason so many people are having bidets installed in their bathrooms. They’re clean, convenient, and environmentally friendly. On top of that, they can help you save money on toilet paper as well as plumbing maintenance and repairs. When you factor in the available features, there’s really no reason not to take your bathroom to an entirely new level.