As the Seasons Change: When Is the Best Time to Prune a Tree?

During the winter months, having to look at bare branches and limbs with no leaves can be somewhat depressing. However, when warmer weather moves back in, leaves and blooms harken the season.

However, under the beautiful spring scene, it is important to make sure the trees have a strong foundation. Knowing when it is time to trim trees and to call a tree removal service near me is essential. By trimming trees at the appropriate time, it is possible to keep them healthy and strong both now and in the future. Learn more here.

When to Prune Trees

According to experts, the best time to prune a tree is sometime between when the leaves begin to change in the fall and when the leaves begin to bloom again in the spring. This is when all trees need a trim.

It may be a good idea to speak to a local arborist regarding pruning the trees before the blooms of spring appear. Usually, the tree’s pruning cycle is between three and five years, but the health and size of the tree will impact this and determine what is right for a specific tree.

Why Is Late Fall and Early Spring Pruning Best for Trees?

During the winter and fall months, the trees will move into a dormant state. This means that all growth is halted. This level of inactivity and reduced temperatures help create the ideal setting to prune the tree. If someone tries to prune a tree after the new growth is present, it may limit the bloom potential for the entire year.

If the ground is harder in the winter, it provides arborists with easy access to the trees. Also, since the canopy is bare, it makes it easier to see and reach the branches.

Benefits of Pruning in Late Fall or Winter

When someone opts to prune their tree during the dormant season, it will promote health while sustaining additional tree growth. What is even better is that dormant pruning will help someone save both money and time while reducing the likelihood of disease.

Work with the Professionals

When it is time to trim or prune a tree, a property owner should not try this alone if they do not have prior experience. There is a lot that may go wrong. For example, the wrong cuts could be made or other damage could occur. This may put the tree’s health in jeopardy.

Also, when pruning a tree without the proper experience, the individual may be injured. This can occur because sharp saws and other tools must be used and because, in most cases, a ladder is needed. When professionals are hired, all these issues can be avoided. This is because the experts are going to have the tools and equipment to handle the job regardless of how many trees need service or the current state of health of the trees in question.

Finding the Right Tree Professional

Remember, not all tree people are created the same. Take time to look into the options in the local area and choose the one best suited to the job. By researching the options and learning what each has to offer, a person can feel confident that their tree trimming needs will be handled.

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