Best Gifts (Both Big and Small) For 2021

Some people are easy to shop for while others, even if you had a million dollars to spend, seem nearly impossible. This is especially true now, while so many are still in quarantine. Why? Because in-person shopping is typically a great way to generate ideas. Maybe you don’t know exactly what someone wants, but you have a rough idea of the things they like and, so, you go to a physical store and browse around for a bit. Okay, great. But what if you can’t go into physical stores? Now, what do you do? The answer is you read articles like this and hopefully find something on our list that piques your interest. Here are some of the best gifts for those difficult-to-pin-down friends or family members.

Premium Jewelry For Men

Women certainly aren’t the only ones who love receiving jewelry, and if you shop at JAXXON, you’re sure to prove that. Whether you’re looking for elegant gold chains, studded crosses, or anything in between, JAXXON has you covered with a wide variety of premium jewelry options for men.

Retro Coffee Maker

The Smeg Coffee Maker is a gorgeous drip coffee machine that complements mid-century interior design. This is the perfect gift who like their morning coffee with a bit of style.

A New Way to Stay Energized

If you’re shopping for a healthy nut, you should think in terms of things that they can actually incorporate into their lives. For example, if the person you are shopping for specifically doesn’t eat bread (for fear of carbs) you probably shouldn’t get them a toaster. The same goes for how they stay energized. Sure, America runs on coffee, but a greater and great number of people are turning to coffee-alternatives to reduce their caffeine dependencies and find new ways to stay energized throughout the day. This is where MUD\WTR comes in. MUD\WTR is an all-natural coffee substitute that will keep you energized, focused, and at the top of your game WITHOUT giving you the jitters.

Look Into My Eyes

Fake lashes are for more than just divas these days. Especially now that they are easier to apply and wear than ever before MoxieLash offers a range of eyelash products ranging from their MoxieLash eyeline to magnetic lashes and more. If you’re shopping for someone who always likes to look their best, consider a thoughtful (yet inexpensive) give from Moxielash.

Socks That Do More Than Go Over Your Feet

Another great option for health and fitness enthusiasts is compression socks. The benefits of compression socks, like those from Comrad Socks, for men and women have been well known to the medical community for quite some time. It’s only recently that compression socks left the hospitals and started taking on a more fashionable appearance. Up your sock game and improve your health with Comrad Socks.

The Best Kind of Self-Care

If you’ve never taken the time to relax in a warm bath as an adult, you are seriously missing out. The experience is especially soothing when you add in Bubbly Belle essential oils which smell good and help you unwind, wash off the anxieties of the day and finally settle down. You can’t overstate the importance of daily anxiety and stress reduction. It is good for you physically as well as mentally.

Workout Accessories

Bala Bangles offers ankle and wrist weights that you can either use to ramp up your workouts or just to increase the number of calories you burn while doing things around the house. They come in multiple different sizes and colors and can easily be worn under clothing or – if you want to show off their cool colors – out for all to see.

Make Your Hands the Center of Attention

Some women are simply obsessed with their nails. Don’t fight it, embrace it! Check out some of the products available at Nailboo like the Nailboo nail kit which is a premium option for at-home nails. This is a considerate gift that may just give your friend or loved one a new, better way to do something they love.

A Patriotic Gift Option

For those with particularly patriotic friends or family, consider getting them a flag. This is an especially great housewarming gift for those who you know would enjoy having a flag hanging outside of their home. The flags available at Allegiance flags have a particular aesthetic appeal and tend to look and hang better than what you would typically buy in stores. So, you’re going to get a flag – go with Allegiance.

Earth-Friendly Clothing For a Generation That Cares

Earth-friendly clothing is a new way to think about how our kids dress. No one will be more impacted by the production and consumption trends of today than young people so it makes sense that a clothing line like Mon Coeur would emerge to provide sustainable, 100% recycled clothing that not only looks good but is incredibly comfortable. Mon Coeur kid’s clothes make parents happy, kids happy, and they’re good for the environment. What more could you want?

CBD For Physical and Mental Health

The wide-ranging benefits of CBD are not just for those who wear seashell necklaces. Today, everyone from your grandparents to elite athletes are beginning to reap the physical and psychological rewards of using CBD. If you have chronic pain or are simply an athlete who regularly pushes your body to the limit, consider trying or consulting your physician about trying CBD oil from Healist Naturals

Not Your Regular Box of Chocolates

What The Nuttery offers is not your typical grocery-store sampler. Gourmet nuts, chocolates, baked goods, and more – all offered in premium packaging that anyone will appreciate. It’s also a great gift to send someone remotely. Just because you can’t be there in person doesn’t mean you need to miss giving your friends or family a gift.

A Luxurious Gift Option for the Discerning Loved One

If there is a caviar-lover in your life or, better yet, someone who has never tried the delicacy, send them some premium caviar from Imperia Caviar. This is a luxurious gift for those looking to treat their loved ones to something exceptional. Do yourself a favor and be there when they try it, perhaps even grab some for yourself!


There you have it, some of the best gifts (both big and small) that you can get for those you love. You know what they say: It’s better to give than to receive. And this is especially true when the person receiving loves what you gave them!