Coffee Table Book Wishlist

One of my quirkiest obsessions is with coffee table books, I’ve always loved curling up with one of these big hardbound books and filling up with the inspiration in each beautifully printed photograph. My infatuation makes sense now, knowing how much I love visual inspiration! They’re like hardbound lifestyle blogs (without much text). I’ve been seeing a lot of coffee books around in home tours and in my house and I’ve been thinking how I’d love to have a big collection of my own, so I’ve started keeping a wishlist of my favorites I’ve found on random escapades through the web for future purchasing reference.


Once Upon A Time / Slim Aarons

Besides its glamorous cover and great name, this book is at the top of my list because it’s a classic – Slim was a renown society photographer and his enchanting portrayals of the rich and famous are particularly mesmerizing for their aesthetic grandeur. I also love the timeless style of his subjects, something I think that has been lost with the rich and famous of our day and age.

The Big Book of Chic / Miles Redd

This fabulous book has actually kick-started my collection, given to me this past Christmas! It’s huge and the cover is simple and classic, and I’ve really enjoyed looking through its pages. It’s like a visual journal of Miles work as an interior designer, showcasing rooms he’s designed amid bits and pieces of inspiration like old style photographs or bits of writing. Miles also hails from Atlanta, which was cool to discover!

Time and Tide: Photographs from Praia Piquinia / Christian ChaizeI

I haven’t researched this book or its author very much but I do recognize his photography just from looking at the cover, and I love his photography of beaches that I’ve seen. This book would be a warm and colorful addition to any book collection and the richness in color of just the cover image really intrigued me!

Remodelista / Julie Carlson

This book is on every interior or lifestyle blogger’s coffee table. It’s kind of a must-have! This does make it less of an interesting coffee table-topper but it has such great interior design inspiration inside that it would be fun to own and reference for home decor ideas.

+ PLUS: Abelardo Morell / Abelardo MorellI just had to throw in this extra book, which I purchased last week after seeing Abelardo’s exhibition at the High in Atlanta. He has explored the camera obscura in really incredible ways which I am just totally blown away by, I am in love with his studies of light and architecture… This book is a great collection of his photography and I was ecstatic to be able to get his book for such a great deal on Amazon!

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