Create Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space With This Guide

Need ideas to create your ideal outdoor living space? Use this guide to bring it all together.

Outdoor living spaces act as a peaceful getaway where most homeowners enjoy quality time with family and friends when the fair-weather finally arrives. These spaces are a party attraction for the guests and bring in a new change instead of being tied within the four walls. You enjoy the fresh air with a drink, bantering about life, and admiring nature’s vibes for the day. If you have a space you want to use to create your living space but don’t know where to start, you’re at the right place! Who doesn’t want that?

Whether you want to go all out or wish to stay minimal, this guide will help you create your perfect living space. Whether you like it professionally done or by yourself, this can help you get a headstart on your ideal getaway!  

Questions to Ask Yourself when you Plan:

1. How do you want your dream outdoor living space to look? 

The beginning of creating any space is to visualize how it would look. Use your imagination. Are you getting extravagant thoughts? Jot them down. Are you thinking of making it look regal or keep it minimal? Jot it down! Nothing is impossible to create when you’re determined to achieve it (sounds corny there, but bear with us). Big or small, dare to dream. While you think of the overall look, imagine what you wish to do with space? Do you want to cook and sing? Swim and party? Both of these aspects together will help you sculpt your outdoor living space. Without this, you won’t be satisfied no matter how much work you put into it. Forget about the practical aspects as you plan. And when you get that set, eventually, everything will come together. 

2. What is the purpose of your outdoor living space? 

Another way to build your space is to really like really, think about how you will use it. Do you want to use it for hosting parties? Need privacy? A place to cook outdoors? Play sports? Once you have that set, you will already have an idea of how your space will look. From then, these ideas altogether will help guide your decisions about this project. 

3. How much space do you have?

This is where we give our grand ideas a practical thought. You can go all out on your outdoor space, only if you have room for it, right? So, before you start planning, take a look at your land space. Do you have the space to build your dreams? You can take measurements and deduce an average margin of the elements. By this, you will spend less time and not end up making something which won’t even fit (and that feeling will hurt!). 

4. What is your budget?

A crucial consideration you need to pay serious attention to is the budget. The amount of money you are willing to spend can make or break your project. As you start researching your outdoor space, you will have many ideas that you would want to use. Make a brief plan of your budget. Now, things can range from being affordable to expensive. Write down all the things you will add to your outdoor space. Did you end up liking something in your research? Pick the items and add them to your total budget. 

5. How much maintenance are you willing to put in?

You can’t just build your outdoor space and leave it as is. It will require some upkeep to prevent it from deteriorating. Maintenance work is essential for its longevity. Before you carry out, ask yourself. How much work do you want to put in? Do you want to maintain the outdoor space,  or will you be googling “ lawn care near me?” For example: if you can’t imagine yourself cleaning the pool, maybe skip on building one. 

6. What is the vibe and style you want? 

Now is the time to turn your dreams into reality. Creating your outdoor space is about expressing your taste. What kind of aesthetic do you want? Explore and add things that fit your preferences. If you are pondering about it, you can use Pinterest, and We Heart It to get inspiration. Get inspired by other people’s ideas, which fit your style. Use these to create your own unique outdoor space.

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space With This Guide 1

Things to Add to your Ideal Outdoor Living Space

1. The basics: The base design is essential before any decorations. Decide whether you want a patio, porch, or deck? From there, you can select the type of material you wish to use to build it. These will come down to your budget and space limitations. Before you choose a material, make sure you identify the typical weather and if it will match your style or not. 

2. For Seating: Your outdoor space is not complete without a space to sit down comfortably. Where do you want to sit? Choose from chairs, couches, lounges, or even a hammock if you’re going to bring tropical vibes. Set up a dining table if you wish to eat outside. Make sure to tie it all in with your aesthetics and color palette. Experiment with the material, type, patterns of your furniture and fit the style.  

3. For Cooking: Many people envision their outdoor space to look like outdoor dining. Think about how big you will create them and use them to entertain your guests. Get yourself a grill and set up a dining space for your BBQ nights. Want something bigger? Then consider building an entire outdoor kitchen. Create a bar to serve your drinks from and install a sink for more convenience. It truly depends on your preferences. 

4. For Entertainment: Entertainment is essential. You can go big by adding a swimming pool or a gaming area. And if you want something smaller, build a campfire to roast marshmallows and sing, or talk with your guest. Install a football table or a game of table tennis. Think of what entertains you and your guests, so you know what to keep and omit.

5. For your Peace of Mind: If you are creating this for yourself. Implement things that bring you joy. Add plants, have a book corner if you love reading, and yoga mats for meditation. Install mini or big speakers if you want to dance, karaoke if you’re going to sing. Add things that help you destress and keep you in a better mood.

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space With This Guide 2

Final Touches + Things to Remember

1. Plants: Let’s be honest, what’s an outdoor space if there are no plants around? Plants bring you closer to nature and make your outdoor place lively. You can choose to go all out or keep it minimal. Opt for a full garden with flowers and plants or small potted plants to add a pop of color. Adding plants comes with maintenance too. How much work do you want to put in? If you plan on cooking, plant some herbs, fruits, or vegetables to give your kitchen space some oomph. If you don’t want the hassle of watering the plants, buy fake plants to decorate them. But we would suggest opting for the real deal as it comes with benefits as well! Who doesn’t want to enjoy fresh oxygen? 

2. Lightings: Outdoor spaces aren’t only for daytime. For some, the outdoors are where the night starts. Adding lighting is a fantastic way to get your party started. There are many types of lighting you can get according to your style. Are you into vintage? Install vintage lamps we found on Etsy for you. Add fairy lights if you want to replicate starry nights. Install lamp posts if you wish to have big lamps. If you have a covered area, hang a chandelier. You can also add candles. Make sure the candles are far away from any plants or clothes. For safety, get yourself battery-operated candles that serve the same purpose. 

3. Extra Decorations: To accentuate the space further, you can implement other decorations. For example, you can get covers or colorful pillows for your chairs. Maybe add a vase on your table. Get some fake flowers to decorate areas of your space. You can use pottery items to add some uniqueness to your room. Check out shops that sell handmade pottery. Decorations pull your outdoor space together and complete the aesthetics you are trying to achieve! 

Know your Priorities

Identify what your ultimate goals are. Having priorities while building your space is crucial. Make sure you know where you should install electric and gas lines before you create your patio. If any part of your yard is potentially dangerous, start improving those areas before you start building on it. If you are having trouble pinpointing your priorities, talk to your landscaper. Cover up uneven surfaces and tripping hazards. All these will help you envision your ultimate goals with this project. 

Handing Responsibilities

Realistically, creating an outdoor space is not a solo act. Even if you think you can do all the work all by yourself, it would require years and a massive workload on your shoulders. So, we recommend transferring some responsibilities to certain people. A general idea to follow is, give people those responsibilities in which they are skilled. Make sure they are willing to take criticism and are eager to listen. A reasonable person will communicate quickly and make sure they do their work well and make you happy. 

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space With This Guide 3

Give it Your Best Shot!

So, we gave you all the things you need to create your perfect outdoor living space. But what is the main thing you should implement while you’re on this journey? It is to give it your best shot! Once you get started, you can’t back out. Don’t be afraid to leave out any detail for your living space. After all, this is YOUR space. You want it to resemble the vibe you created in your imaginations. Tweak and adjust your needs, and don’t be afraid to change it up when things don’t feel like it. With that, I hope this guide helps and inspires you to create your outdoor space. What are some of the designs you implemented? Let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading!