Creating A Dreamy Luxury Spa At Home

Are you dreaming of an in-home spa treatment? I know I am. It’s just the thing that gets me through the day or week.

I love the invitation of a bathroom that is ready for luxuriating. 

Allow me to set the stage.

A small renovation project recently helped Daniel, a long-time friend, to create a dreamy luxury spa-like bathroom.

While we often talk about kitchens as the heart of the home…you may agree with me that it’s the bathroom where you can truly luxuriate. Fortunately, I got to help out from the sidelines and share ideas for a brilliant remodel.

Dealing With The Past

The bathroom had been pretty neglected and had a distinctly retro feel to it. The tub was a leftover from the 70s. You know the ones with those cramped sliding doors for a tub/shower combination. Basically, the whole thing had to go.

Working with a local designer, the bath space expanded by knocking down a wall to a half bath. As the walls came down, so did the disgusting linoleum. Boy, were we glad to see that go. Of course, the lackluster mirrors, funky fixtures, and crummy lights hit the dumpster next.

Opening To The Future

With a new palette, it was time to play. I wish you could walk into the space right now. 

I love to browse photos and it’s bathroom photos like the one in this Austin lakehouse that really make you dream. 

Here are some highlights of the new space.

The tub is a super-long old fashioned, claw foot tub. It reminds me of the biggest tub I ever saw in my grandparent’s house. Massive. It’s big enough to stretch out.

An antique marble sink with a quirky wooden mirror is perfect on the opposite wall. 

With a nod to Texas style, a barn style door separates the bathing space from the commode.

Glowing brass fixtures complete the feeling of old world charm. 

Much like bathrooms of a former era, tiles created a welcoming feeling. It just seemed right to have cool black and white tiles for the hot summers in Texas, In the summer, it’s a wonderful feeling on your feet. In the winter, a comfy throw rug keeps your toes warm and toasty.


The scene is set. It’s time for an in-home spa.

Transforming Your Space into a Spa

If you want to turn your bathroom into a spa, you are in for a treat. 

I like to recall the most amazing spa experiences and bring them all together—at home. I bet you’ve had your favorite moments in a hotel, resort or luxury spa. 

Think about what you loved most…and have fun creating your dream spa treatment. 

Here is the shortest list I can think of to achieve a remarkable experience.


Two types here. The bubbles you’re drinking: champagne, Kombuchu, or sparkling water. The bubbles for soaking: bath bombs, bath bubble liquids, and bath bubble powders.

Lotions and Potions

The body is just waiting for your care and attention. Pick the lotions that will nourish your entire body. Focus on key areas that need special care such as under eye wrinkles, rough spots, and tired feet. 


Select your favorite candles, votives, or lanterns. No spa treatment is complete without some mood lighting.


My personal favorite is to gather flowers from the garden and soak in the sensual fragrances of the season. If you’re lucky, you may find some lilac growing in your backyard. The scent will fill the air and take you to a different dimension.


If you don’t have anything blooming in the garden, check out your local nurseries. Call a florist if you have to. Just be sure to fill your bath space with fresh flowers—in abundance.


What can I say? Towels are a passion. It’s a lot easier to relax in the comfort of plush Turkish cotton.


This is so individual that I leave it up to you to set the mood for serenity.

Sum Up

Creating great spaces such as this bathroom is a total delight. From a dowdy lost bathroom to a luxurious spa zone. Once you do the groundwork, be sure to enjoy experiencing the rewards. Hope you’ve got some inspiration!

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