Creating an Outdoor Living Space for Entertaining

If you live in Atlanta, you’ll find that sunshine is abundant and you enjoy entertaining with family and friends. However, perhaps your outdoor area lacks luster. The good news is there are several ways to transform your outdoor space into the perfect place for entertaining. 

It Starts With the Landscaping

Landscaping your outdoors extends your living space to include your backyard. Vibrant greenery and beautiful flowers create a warm and inviting feel. Dressing it up with a trestle, deck, stones and ornaments will help to create a place personalized to your specific taste. Installing an irrigation system with help to reduce the labor while maintaining healthy plants.   

The Grilling Station

An outdoor space is not complete without an awesome outdoor grill. Depending on the size of your backyard and budget you have many possibilities. You can have a large grill with a smoker to accommodate many food choices and add a kitchen complete with a sink and plenty of counter space to house all your supplies and essentials. 


Weather-resistant seating is something everyone who entertains needs. Choosing furniture that remains beautiful despite the elements is important. Sofas and comfy chairs made of wicker, cast or aluminum will fit the bill. Add in padded bar stools and side tables and you have a place that’s relaxing and accommodating. Color is also important. Use earth tones for a contemporary feel and colors such as greens, pinks, orange and red to create the appearance of a tropical island getaway. 

Lounging Poolside

If you have an in-ground pool adding chaise lounge chairs and potted greenery will cozy up the environment while enhancing your level of comfort. A large umbrella at either end with a glass or cast table top and lights will invite guests to spend more time poolside with their trunks and cheeky bikini bottoms. If your budget allows, adding a cabana will enhance the space with elegance.    


You love to entertain, however you want privacy. Thankfully, adding a fence that extends around the entire backyard will do the trick. Wood is both versatile and good-looking. You can also choose your own paint color. Vinyl is long-lasting and holds up well in the hot Atlanta sun. While it may cost more than wood, it’s virtually maintenance-free. If you prefer a natural look, tall shrubs will offer the same effect. 


While the days come with plenty of sunshine, the nights can cool down in Atlanta. Building a fireplace or adding a fire pit to your backyard will allow you to entertain after dark and remain comfortable. Along with a surplus of heat, a fireplace adds flair, creating a wonderful focal point for guests to congregate into the wee hours. There are many styles and sizes to suit your personal taste and fit into your backyard.  


You love to entertain and want to keep the party going after dusk. Adding outdoor lighting will do just that. Landscape lighting will bring your plants into the spotlight and putting designer lighting around the seating area lets you socialize and dine outdoors in style. Accent lights bring your best outdoor features to the forefront while remaining subtle. If you have a water feature, a fountain light will keep it in view. You can also add mood lights to achieve ambiance or a bit of romance. 

The Back Porch

A back porch is a great asset. It extends the indoor living space outdoors. The floor can be made of wood, brick, stone, slate or tile. For the ceiling, add a few fans to keep guests cool on a hot Atlanta summer day. Electrical outlets will also prove beneficial, allowing guests to charge cell phones and add a flat-screen TV to watch sports or listen to your favorite tunes. 

Creating an outdoor living space in your backyard allows you to enjoy the warm weather and entertain as often as you want. 

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