Decluttering and Storage Tips to Finally Organize Your Life

Does it feel like you’re always cleaning your home and it somehow still seems messy? The reason for that might be that you simply have too much stuff. So no matter how clean everything is, too many things that have no proper place will make any space feel untidy. If you would like to escape the never-ending cleanup cycle, check out some of our decluttering and storage tips to help you become the organized person you always wanted to be. 

Make a Plan

Usually, we keep postponing decluttering our homes because it seems like there’s so much to do and we don’t know where to start. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter where we start, it’s just important that we do. So make a plan for the entire decluttering process and it’ll be much easier to begin. Just pick a room kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and start there! Then, divide the spaces in the room you chose: drawers, closets, open surfaces, etc. Start with one thing on your list and then slowly make your way through the whole room. 

Start With Decluttering

First things first, you need to decide which of your possessions are actually worth finding space for. Here are some helpful tips to help you get rid of the things you don’t need. 

Clean Out the Closet Clutter

Is your closet so full that you can never find anything? If that is the case, it might be time to say goodbye to all the clothes you never wear. To successfully clean out your closet, we recommend you divide your clothes into three categories: keep, sell, donate. Go through the clothing items one by one, and be honest with yourself. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, it’s unlikely that you ever will. What’s more, once you organize your clothes properly, it will be much easier to find the clothes you actually want to wear. 

Avoid Dumping Things Onto Surfaces

Generally, we tend to throw things like keys, change, and chapsticks onto the dining table, bookshelf, or wherever we see a tiny bit of space. We do that because we don’t have a specific place for these items. So, you can start decluttering by throwing out all the sundries taking up your valuable space that serve no purpose. Then, try not to make clutter again by organizing your space better. For instance, consider getting a bowl for your keys and placing it near the door. Next, you can get a folder or a tray for your bills so you don’t end up piling them onto the coffee table. Look around your home to see where the clutter collects and try to come up with a similar solution to deal with it. 

Clean Out Your Drawers

Whenever we don’t know where to put something, the easiest thing to do is just throw it into a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But eventually, the drawers become overfilled and you don’t know where anything is. So, dreadful as it might be, cleaning out your drawers is essential if you want to be more organized. Once you throw out the unnecessary junk, make sure the drawers don’t become a mess again by investing in drawer organizers. 

Ask For Help

When you start decluttering your home, you might find that there’s even more stuff than you thought. If you become overwhelmed and unable to deal with all the clutter by yourself, it might be best to hire a junk removal company. It’s the best option if you want to make sure that the things you don’t need are recycled or donated. 

Find Storage Solutions

Once you get rid of all the things you don’t need, it’s time to set up storage solutions so your home doesn’t become cluttered again. 

Use Bins and Boxes

Bins and boxes are a great way to keep things organized without spending additional money on storage furniture. You can use them for basically anything you usually struggle finding space for magazines, beauty products, tools, extra cables. What’s more, you don’t even have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic, as there are many designs to choose from.

Maximize the Space You Already Have

There might be space around your house you didn’t even know you could use for storage. For instance, you can use the space above your door to install extra shelves for things you don’t use frequently. Also, if you have empty space under your bed, you can use it to store your out-of-season clothing. In addition, if you have a bench in your home, you can add extra cubicles for shoes or boxes. 

Rent Out a Storage Unit

If you find that you still cannot store all your possessions in a neat and organized way, it might be a good idea to hire a storage service. There are different types of storage services, so you will be able to work out the best option for your storage needs with the storage company. For instance, depending on which belongings you want to store, they will recommend the best storage unit size for you. 


Decluttering your space might seem like an impossible task, but with the right mindset and organization tips, you’ll be able to handle it with no stress. And whenever you feel yourself getting back to the old cluttering habits, you can always come back to our guide and freshen up your organizational skills!