designer’s paradise: studio bomba

On 324 Oxford St in Leederville, Western Australia, Studio Bomba has opened its yellow door to customers, offering “designery goodness” including artware, stationary, and designer knick-knacks from far and near. This place looks amazing! 

designer's paradise: studio bomba 1

I spy some beautiful paintings and prints, drawers, twine, and paintbrushes. Looks like it would be a fantastic store to just walk around in, and marvel at all the little things that they’ve curated.

designer's paradise: studio bomba 2

designer's paradise: studio bomba 3

(via Studio Bomba)

I’m really wishing I lived in Australia right now! If I did, I would definitely be spending a lot of time (and money) at this store. If you do, I thoroughly recommend you to check it out, especially with Christmas coming up, and make sure to let me know how it is.

I’m sure in every city there’s an amazing shop like this, though it may take some searching to find. Reminds me of a store called Black Ink in Boston! Is there a shop in your city like this?

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