DIY Christmas Table Decor


These super easy paper Christmas trees, inspired by 79 Ideas, are the perfect casual table topper for a Christmas party, or as festive holiday decorations scattered around the house.


(photo via 79 Ideas)

They’re very nice in little groups with varying heights. To make them, just follow the instructions below, or follow the photo instructions here.


  • thick paper or cardstock
  • scissors
  • clear tape


1. Fold and cut paper in half, lengthwise (make the longer halves).

2. Stack the two halves, and fold them in half again (lengthwise).

3. Draw half of a Christmas tree on one of the sides, and cut it out.

4. Fold trees in half, to find the center (crosswise). Cut from the top to the middle on one tree, and from the bottom to the middle on the other.

5. Slide trees together.*

6. Tape the trees together at their creases at the top and at the bottom.

*You can side two trees together to make a simple tree, or you can slide three trees together to make a fuller tree.

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