DIY Embroidered Stationery

DIY Embroidered Stationery 1

In dire need of some interesting stationery to use? This DIY project takes homemade stationery to the next level with hand embroidery! It’s easy, fun, and customizable, so you can choose whatever design or pattern you’d like on your stationery such as applique designs. A big thank you to my little sister for being an embroidery master and posing for the pictures!


  • embroidery needle and thread
  • pen/pencil and graph paper
  • an awl (or use the embroidery needle)
  • card-stock or any other stationery paper
  • self-healing mat or a hard plastic surface to poke onto
  • scissors to cut thread

DIY Embroidered Stationery 2

Step One

Draw your pattern on graph paper, making an X (or a half-X) in each square you use. Take into consideration the size of your stationery. You can make several designs and use them on different cards. Stay away from anything too complicated – simple is better with this embroidery.

DIY Embroidered Stationery 3

Step Two

Use an awl or your embroidery needle to poke hole through the graph paper and the stationery paper, to transfer your pattern onto your card. Make sure to use a mat or do this on a surface that won’t be damaged. Poke a hole at each of the corners of the X’s. You may want to tape your graph paper to the card-stock to hold it in place.

DIY Embroidered Stationery 4

Step Three

Embroider your pattern onto your card, using a needle and thread. You can have fun with your color choices, or use more than one color in a design. Make sure to start at the back and pull the thread through to the front, so the knot stays on the back. Try to keep the back neat, but if you can’t you can always glue another piece of card-stock onto the back.

Click through to see the finished product!

DIY Embroidered Stationery 5

The simple embroidery turns out pretty sweet, and it definitely adds a nice homemade touch to your stationery!

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