diy: fabric stringed flags


I’ve been seeing these stringed pennant flags all over the place, so I decided to make some of my own (I needed something above my beds anyway), and they turned out to be pretty easy. Click below for materials and instructions on how to make them!

The jist of the project is that you cut triangles out of fabric (with room at the top to fold over) and then sew them to a string. You can mix and match fabrics, or make them all the same! They are a fun way to decorate a wall for a bedroom or you can make them for a celebration (they are very festive)! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • fabric for 6-8 triangles
  • paper template (you can make this out of printer paper)
  • long (but thin) ribbon
  • basic sewing skills

For the template, just take a piece of printer paper and fold it however long you’d like the triangles to be, cut off the folded piece, fold the rest in half and cut into a triangle! Then you can place this on fabric and cut the fabric around it. Don’t worry about it being perfect!


  1. Cut out the triangles
  2. (optional) Iron them with the top folded over
  3. Space them out (use a ruler if you’d like) then pin them onto the ribbon (pin through the triangle and the ribbon)
  4. Sew the triangles onto the ribbon (pictures above of the stitching)
  5. Hang them on the wall! I used clear tape, but if you have tape of a complimentary color to your fabric, use that (just cut it nicely)!

Voila! A fun string of pennant flags to deck your wall. 

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