One bowl three ways, an easy decorative bowl #IkeaHack

I’m excited to be part of a fun group of bloggers organized by Beth from designPOST interiors to create DIY projects each month for the DIY Summer School link-up! For our first project, each participating blogger had to find something at Ikea to transform. I found some pretty serving bowls that I decorated three ways to become a sweet decorative element on a side table, dresser, or entry! Each month DIY Summer School will be back with a new project, and an opportunity to join in the fun by linking up. Check out the participating bloggers below, and head down to the bottom of this post for the link-up!


One bowl three ways, an easy decorative bowl #IkeaHackTake a paint pen and add a fun message to an Ikea serving bowl for a great decorative element. #IkeaHack

For this bowl I used a silver paint pen to write on the bowl, and finished the edge with the pen as well to finish it off. If you’re nervous about free handing it, just write in pencil before using the pen. I went back over my writing a couple of times to make sure the paint was opaque!

Paint an Ikea serving bowl then stamp it for a fun pattern and a decorative jewelry holder for your dresser.

For this bowl I spray-painted it white (and waited for it to dry completely), before stamping bees in pink all over it. The hardest part was getting the entire bee down when I stamped, but the faded look suits the bowl well!

Paint an Ikea serving bowl and then decorate it with a floral pattern for a sweet decorative bowl. #IkeaHack

Inspired by my bowl (on top of the stack of books), I tried my hand at a floral design. I painted the bowl by hand this time with a light blue I mixed from acrylic paint, but the texture ended up being much more ridged than spray-painting because of the paintbrush. Another drawback to the acylic is that it takes much longer to dry, so I used a blow-drier to speed it up. Once it was dry I took a blue sharpie and drew out the pattern. If I do say so myself, I think the pattern turned out pretty well! Which of the bowls is your favorite?




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  1. Summer Hogan wrote:

    Love this idea! So glad you’re participating!! I’m definitely grabbing one of these next time I’m at IKEA!

    Posted 6.4.15 Reply
  2. Simone Anne wrote:

    Love that last one! So pretty.

    Posted 6.4.15 Reply
  3. Beth @ designPOST interiors wrote:

    These are right up my alley! I love the stamped bees- it could pass for vintage!

    Posted 6.4.15 Reply