An Expert Guide to Keeping Your Carpet Looking New

Having an expensive, luxurious-looking carpet last for the longest of time looking new and lustrous is one thing that every carpet owner secretly wishes. Regular care and a planned routine go a long way. A clean, fluffy, and well-maintained carpet is always a welcome sight. And to achieve that is one uphill task. 

A lot of misconceptions about cleaning a carpet and day-to-day activities need to be cleared up in order to have a clear perspective about the maintenance of carpets to make them look new.

Following is a list of solutions and tricks that can help your carpets to look lustrous and thickest for the longest of time.


The market is full of specialized products for every need of the carpets. From carpet shampooers to carpet deodorizers, diverse products are for sale. Not only do they clean the carpets gently but also protect them from dirt. Carpet protectors form a layer of chemicals that increase the repellency of carpets to dirt. Disinfectant sprays remove viruses and bacteria from the surface of the carpets. Such is the diversity of the availability of cleaning products. Using them not only cleans the carpets gently but ensures they are treated with mild chemicals.


Every carpet and every carpet cleaning chemical comes with a user manual. They specify the compatibility of each chemical with each type of carpet. This ensures that no carpet is damaged in the process of chemical treatment for cleaning or other purposes. The use of compatible chemicals not only serves the purpose of their use but also helps in maintaining the carpets, making them look new, clean, and lustrous.


Using a lot of water does not always mean that the cleaning results are going to be amazing. Use of water and chemicals in moderation and specified quantities will get the best results. Using excess water makes it difficult for the carpet to dry fast. Some of the adhesives that hold the carpets together or fixes the carpet wash away due to the use of excess water. Prolonged drying results in the growth of molds and mildew on and around the carpet. While cleaning the tiles around the carpets mind the quantity of water to be used. In fact, the best tile cleaning machines do not use a lot of water for cleaning.


Carpet-protecting chemicals create soiling around the fibers of the carpets. These put an invisible barrier between the carpet and the dirt. These prevent the penetration of stains on the carpet fibres. The use of such products lessens the occurrence of stains on the carpet because of their property to repel stains and soiling. This leads to less frequent cleaning of the carpets. This helps in keeping the carpet looking new.  


Cleaning carpets regularly not only removes the dirt and stains regularly but also ensures that dirt and debris do not build up on the carpets. Even frequent cleaning of carpets can make the carpets lose their sheen. So cleaning carpets have to be done in moderation without causing major damage due to excessive cleaning.

Even if that carpet looks very old, do not just lose hope yet go for a deep cleaning session by professional carpet cleaners and see whether it can be revived to a usable state again. Professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the best of products and their experience makes them know all the tips and secrets to turn the carpets around. 

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