Exterior Design Trends for 2022

For a long time, the focus of design has been the interior. Now, with more time being spent at home, the outside of our home has regained prominence as the epitome of good design. Many of us have Zoom-proofed some of our interior rooms, and we can now spend a bit of time and money making sure the exterior of our homes is in tip-top shape. As the seasons become more outdoor-friendly, we should also start to think about how to extend our living spaces beyond the indoors into outdoor spaces and creating outdoor rooms.

Home improvements in the USA are a growing trend, and in 2019 the industry was worth well over $400 billion. This is likely to continue as homeowners think more about their comfort and the sustainability of their homes over the long term. There are a few trends in 2022 that will give you a lot of joy, both in the planning and the doing, with the aesthetic improvements keeping you smiling for years.

  • The roof, external paint schemes should be high contrast

One way to make your home stand out and give it a modern feel is to highlight contrasting areas through color and texture. Details such as the roof, the garage, and window frames should be celebrated and not hidden away. Make sure, however, that your colors contrast but complement each other rather than clash against each other. Choosing the right color palette should be a fun but careful process to ensure you are happy with these contrasting colors for many years to come. Any changes in your roof should be done by professionals like these roofing companies in Detroit Michigan, which provide bespoke and tailored services but will also ensure that any changes you do make to your roof are waterproof, compliant, and long-lasting. 

  • Exterior rooms 

These are a great addition to any home and can be a cost-effective way to expand your living space in ways you may not have thought of before. There are some things to think about before investing in an exterior room or space. One consideration is whether having an exterior room will take up all of your garden space and leave you with no outdoor space at all to enjoy. If you know that you and your family spend time by the BBQ, then reducing your garden space for an exterior room might not be the best option. However, if you know that a protected and eclectic space within your current garden is a great option, then plan the space, enclose it, and make it a special outside room for reading, relaxing, and recharging.

  • Decks, porches, and patios 

Go beyond an exterior room but add another dynamic dimension to any exterior of a home. Research shows that the covid-19 pandemic has meant that Americans are taking advantage of their outdoor spaces, with 90% using their decks, patios, and porches more than previously. One key trend for 2022 in outdoor spaces is to use vintage and repurposed furniture and accessories. This is not only on-trend in terms of design but also maximizes the trend towards more sustainable furniture that moves away from consumer culture. 

  • External screens 

External screens are an excellent way to divide your outdoor spaces without creating any permanent and more costly fixed walls and rooms. There are also some exciting and innovative ways to use screens that are eco-friendly or even educational. If you have small children, these can be used as spaces for creativity, problem-solving, textual stimuli, and storage spaces. These can not only be spaces for learning and development but also design features within your exterior spaces if you think about how textures, colors, and shapes can be used creatively. 

  • Bee-friendly gardens 

Insect and bee gardens are a significant and growing trend. The alarming trend in the decline of bees globally is also driving a keen interest in many gardeners and home renovators to invest in the survival of bees. With almost 40% of managed bee populations declining between 2018 and 2019, dedicating specific areas of your garden to bees is not only a design trend but also an important step towards the fight against the decline of our flying friends. This should not be an expensive or intensive undertaking and can include simply adding bee-friendly plants, fewer chemicals, and even adding insect hotels to your outdoor spaces. These bee-friendly nesting boxes provide bees with somewhere to propagate the next generation of bees and insects. 

  • Water features 

Water features are increasingly becoming more affordable and further enhance the eco-friendly nature of many gardens. They can also enhance the garden as a space for relaxation and mindfulness that is increasingly important as many of us focus on our wellness and mental health as part of our overall health. To ensure that your water feature is a positive influence on your mental health, spend some time listening to it and make sure it relaxes you rather than irritates you. Water features come in all shapes and sizes, drawing on extremely modern designs or gaining inspiration from ancient styles such as Roman or Greek designs.

  • A smart garden

Like the smart home, the smart garden is a growing trend for many who spend time and money on their outdoor spaces. In much the same way that we are mainstreaming smart homes and integrating our devices and platforms, so the smart garden is another key trend for a more sustainable and carbon-neutral home. While some elements of automation have been in gardens for many years, such as controlled watering, there are now innovations in robotics and electronics that are driving robotic lawnmowers and app-driven garden maintenance. 

If you are looking to your garden to provide a new space for relaxation and rest, there are many options. Remember that your garden should not only actively promote your own mindfulness and wellness but can also be a space to actively tackle a lack of biodiversity and the decline in some insect species if done right. Integrating great design, technological innovation, sustainability, and comfort are becoming increasingly easy and cost-effective. Whether you are catering to a young family or rebuilding your own tranquil space, finding new and different ways to spruce up your garden can be fun and fruitful.