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In the winter our potted Dwarf Meyer lemon trees (and an accompanying olive tree) move indoors to avoid any freezing temperatures. These little trees provide nice greenery in our home through the winter, and its made me think about how much I love indoor plants. I’m hoping to give my desk a little makeover soon, and some plants are just what I need to make the space feel fresh and pleasing to work in. The only drawback to indoor plants is you have to create and stick to a strict watering schedule, because especially during the cold months when the heat is cranking, they dry out quickly (and it’s pretty depressing to slowly watch a plant die). Enjoy these green inspirations!


(via Coco Lapine Design)

I love this curated windowsill of little plants, which is nicely balanced using some tall plants and some shorter and crawling ones. The diverse selection of pots also creates a nice arrangement.


(via Annixen)

This windowsill only features on big vase, which I love for its organic (hand blown glass?) shape. Those mini hydrangea buds look especially fresh (their color is pretty spectacular). Though this isn’t a permanent planter, I like the simplicity of the simple green arrangement.


(via SF Girl by Bay and The Design Chaser)

The fig trees are one of my recent favorite (and trendy) indoor plants. On the left, this fig tree is uniquely planted in a simple water and rock situation. On the left, the fiddle leaf fig is held in a neutral wicker basket used a cache-pot. You can read more about fiddle leaf figs here.


(via Kimberly Rhodes Roberts)

Finally, this cactus oasis represents the low-maintenance side of indoor planting, a category of plants that also includes succulents (but I recently killed a succulent which I’m pretty upset about)! These little guys are great for an office or bedside table. This arrangement also features a snake plant, which are easily found at your local Home Depot or Lowes, but really need a good planter to make it stand out.

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