How e-design Can Help You Get the Home You Deserve in 3 Steps

How e-design Can Help You Get the Home You Deserve in 3 Steps 1

Gone are the days when you need your interior designer to help you design your home in person. Or you have to settle for designs that do not meet your expectations because your interior designer can’t get the picture of how you want your dream home to be.

Now, you can design your home by yourself, the way you want it, thanks to e-design. E-design lets you set up your home design by yourself without waiting on your interior designer to bring your design to reality physically.  

This article will show you how to design the home you love with e-design in 3 straightforward steps. First, let’s get started with a quick definition of what e-design is. 

What exactly is e-design?

How e-design Can Help You Get the Home You Deserve in 3 Steps 2

E-design is an interior service that takes place virtually. This means, rather than hire an interior designer to design your home in person; you can collaborate with them virtually to design your home.

E-design service provides a step-by-step plan on how to design your home. It is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to hiring an interior designer to design your home in person.

Many people use e-design, from homeowners to business owners and house flippers who want to run their interior design by themselves while saving big and getting the best results.  

To get a better picture of how e-design can serve you, this e-design guide is a good resource to find out more about it. 

3 Easy steps to help you use e-design to get the home of your dreams

Designing your home interior is a process. And because it’s a collaboration between you and your virtual designer, you would have to depend on your professional’s expertise to guide you all the way.  

Your virtual interior designer will set up a system for you, so it’s an organized process. The system usually involves a client’s portal that documents these processes to track your progress and make changes when the need arises. 

Below is the general step-by-step process involved in adopting e-design to design your home exactly how you like it. 

Step 1: Document your plan 

How e-design Can Help You Get the Home You Deserve in 3 Steps 3

It all starts with knowing what you want the interior decoration to look like and stating how you want it to be to your virtual designer. 

Usually, there would be a questionnaire or form to fill, where you will state how you want the design to be and designs you’d rather not have. You will also include things you would certainly love to add and the things you prefer to leave out.

Your virtual designer puts all these into consideration, reviews it, schedules a phone conversation with you, asks questions, and checks in other requirements you might have.  After this, you may receive a proposal via mail. 

If you approve the proposal, your project and pay the agreed fee, the e-designer will kick off your project. 

Step 2: Take measurements 

How e-design Can Help You Get the Home You Deserve in 3 Steps 4

The second step is where the work is. Here, you will take pictures of your room and measure it for utmost accuracy. The measurement includes your furniture measurements and other structures present in your room. 

After this, your virtual designer will collaborate with you to create a sketch of our room via their preferred platform. Some interior designers use Pinterest.

On the Pinterest board, you will sketch your room measurement and share it with your virtual designer; this will give them a clearer understanding of what your room looks like. 

Step 3: Design


Once your virtual interior designer gets a clearer picture of what your room looks like and what you want it to be, they review your preliminary design through a video call. 

After this, your designer uploads your completed design book to your portal or sends it to you via email. A complete design book often consists of a shopping list, key wall elevations, and an installation guide to begin your design in your design book. 

You can then start to buy products you need to start your DIY design with the help of the guide provided by your virtual designer. If you get stuck while you are designing your home, you can always contact your virtual designer to get you back on track. 

Can Foyr e-design software help?

How e-design Can Help You Get the Home You Deserve in 3 Steps 5

Foyr e-design software is a cloud-based interior design software that gives you an end-to-end interior design process from one place. It helps facilitate your DIY design process by speeding up your design and rendering top-tier features to give your home a perfect look.

See the different, unique ways Foyr e-design software can make your e-design process a lot better. 

  • Foyr helps to create your floor plan and interior design faster

Foyr e-design software helps speed up your floor plan creation by simplifying the process. It’s very easy to upload your 2D floor plan when you use the Foyr e-design software. 

It’s seamless to create your floor plan from the start, too. You can also furnish your floor plan in 3D with Foyr e-design software in the fastest way possible.

By speeding up your design process, you save more time and get your interior design ready in no time. 

  • You can work with a vast library of 3D models and textures for design

With Foyr, you won’t have to create your 3D models from scratch when you use Foyr design software because there is a catalog of over 50,000 ready to render 3D models for you. 

You will only have to choose the 3D model that works best for you and customize them to make them your own. Again, this saves you lots of time because you can skip the process of rendering your 3D from the beginning.  

  • You can render your design in minutes

Foyr e-design software is an efficient design tool for anyone who wants to save time. It provides an excellent 3D rendering feature that enables you to render your design in under 30 minutes. 

Foyr e-design software lets you create, upload, furnish and decorate your design perfectly in no time. 

  • You can create your design seamlessly

Foyr e-design software comes with drag-and-drop functionality that makes designing your dream space easy and fun. 

You don’t need to have technical drawing abilities to create your floor plan or be a professional designer to design your home space when using the Foyr e-design software; all its products and fixtures are intuitive and easy to use. 

Plus, there are several in-built tutorials to guide you all the way, from start to finish, if you get stuck. 

Why choose e-design?

How e-design Can Help You Get the Home You Deserve in 3 Steps 6

Why should you adopt e-design to create the interior design you want for your dream home? Here are our top five reasons why.

  • You can get a design done remotely 

E-design gives you the opportunity to create and design your home space at your convenience, whenever you want to, and wherever you are. 

You have access to communicate with your virtual designer on your schedule and track your progress wherever you are. The flexibility designing remotely gives you makes creating your home design a fun and exciting experience. 

  • It is affordable 

E-design helps you save tons of money.  Since you will be designing your home yourself, you get to save up the money you would have spent hiring an in-person designer. 

Simple tasks like measuring your room and taking pictures will be done by you, so you won’t have to spend money delegating these tasks to someone else. 

The best part about this is; you still get quality results for the little you spend. e-design exposes you to highly trained and qualified interior professionals who will guide you to design your home in the best way possible. 

  • It allows for DIY 

E-design is a perfect alternative for those who prefer to create and design their home space on their own. You can explore your creativity and create the exact design you imagine through e-design. 

It gets better when you have a virtual designer who understands your goals and is willing to guide you through the process. 

  • You can make changes quickly 

E-design doesn’t only give you the flexibility you need to design anywhere and anytime; you have the flexibility to make changes, and quickly too. 

If you realize the new object you included in your design will ruin your design concept, you can get it out of the way in no time.  If you also find a color too subtle, you can change the color to a brighter one. 

With e-design, you can have a complete view of how your home interior will look from the design you’ve created. So you can decide if it’s exactly what you want, or if you want to make some changes to suit your ideal design. 

  • It’s more efficient and convenient 

E-design is a great way to save time and effort when looking to design your home space. Some tools and resources help you simplify the process and make your design a lot better. 

You have access to a wide range of templates to inspire you to give your home space a modern look. 


We have discussed how you can design your home space with e-design in 3 simple steps. We also explained the several benefits of adopting e-design to design your home and how the Foyr e-design software can be of great advantage to improve your home design. 

Try out e-design for a quicker and hassle-free interior design experience.