How Granny Pods Encourage Independent Living For Our Loved Ones

Granny pods are the next big thing in senior care. With more Americans ready to take care of their elderly parents and the increasing need to expose the children to the love of their grandparents, the pods are serving the best purpose. 

It also allows your loved ones to spend their lives independently in a place they can call their ‘home’. Known by other names like in-laws’ unit, granny house, or simply a backyard cottage, the granny flats are developed mainly to offer a comfy lifestyle to your loved ones. You can develop one in your backyard to keep your parents close and help them spend their retirement days with their family, instead of a care center. 

But how can these pods encourage independent living for your elderly parents? Let’s discuss the key features of a granny house to understand the same. 

They offer more than the necessities of living

The granny pods are equipped with advanced amenities besides the regular bed, kitchen, and washroom facilities. Most of them include a living room, separate HVAC system, storage closets, and the electrical wiring is connected to the main house’s system along with the water supply and sewer system. 

The living room may have a television, audio/video players, potted plants, and everything that your loved ones love and your budget endure. The floors of the senior care pods can be made soft to reduce the chances of injuries. You may even get double doors installed in the pod to help your loved ones move around freely in a wheelchair or by using walking aids. 

Most of these pods are single-storied with no staircase so that your elderly parents don’t face any kind of difficulty or get injured while climbing up/down the stairs. Knee-height lightings can also be installed to prevent them from tripping accidentally during the night. 

In the washrooms, you should get non-slip tile coating and grip bars, again to prevent accidents. There’s so much more you can do for your loved ones to enjoy their time in the pod without hurting themselves. 

The pods are provided with excellent security facilities 

The security systems in the granny pod are exceptionally tight, just to make sure that your loved ones are safe and completely at ease. Smoke detectors and water sprinklers should be a necessary addition to the granny pods and should be installed everywhere, of course except the kitchenette. 

Besides installing security cameras and burglar alarms at the doors, you can also take the help of advanced technologies to install medical alert systems that are quite popular these days. If they need urgent medical attention when no one is at home, this system will send immediate help to them. 

You can install smart appliances in the pods

Elderly people tend to forget a lot. They may forget locking the doors at night, taking their medication, or even switching off the electrical appliances after using them. That’s why most of the pods are equipped with smart technologies like automatic door locks, medical alerts, video cameras, and similar stuff. 

You can also have wireless alarm systems installed so that you can rest easy knowing their granny pod is protected from intruders. This will further help them to take care of themselves and stay independent concerning their day-to-day healthcare requirements.

Extended patios to enjoy the view outside

If you live in a comparatively warmer place, you should build an extended porch or patio in the granny houses, so that the elderly ones can sit there and knit, read or just gaze at their surroundings. The close connection with nature can be quite helpful for emotional and psychological well-being. 

If they want, you can also offer the opportunity to practice a little bit of gardening. Create a separate plot in your garden or backyard, around the pod to help them spend their time growing things. You will also get the chance to devour the organic veggies that they grow, and it will be a good influence for your kids too. 

Getting them a pet

Although most of the granny pods aren’t quite the size of a regular house, they are big enough to accommodate a pet. No one can be a better companion to your loved ones than a dog, a feline, or even a goldfish, depending on their preferences. Elderly people love to spend time with kids and pets the most. They make them feel important and also cure depression-related issues. 

How much does it cost to build a granny house?

With all the aforementioned features, it will take some good investment in building the house for your loved ones. However, you would have invested that money already to keep them in a care center, right? Why not use those funds in keeping them closer to you, like one big family?  

After all, they gave you the life you deserved, so let’s just give them the retirement they deserve. 

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