How to Have a Spa Day from the Comfort of Your Own Home

The best thing about not leaving your house is you can stay in your PJs. You could even skip any extra under layers if you’d like. Whether at home or in an actual spa – a spa day is meant to be relaxing. Read ahead for some tips on how to have a relaxing spa day from the comfort of your own home.

First, start by setting the mood. No one wants to relax amidst all the kiddos running around or to the sound of your partner mowing the lawn. Send everyone out for ice cream, to the in-laws, or on a daddy play-date and invite the other moms over. Quiet, peaceful, calming are what describe the spa atmosphere. Some soft zen-inducing music in the background might set the tone for a fabulous spa day.

Second, invigorate your senses. Light some candles, turn down the lights. Carryover the peaceful zen from the quiet sounds and fire up your essential oil diffuser. Lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are common scents found in spas, but feel free to diffuse your favorite. If you like it, you will naturally be calmer.

Third, plan ahead. No one wants to feel rushed. How much time will you have? Enough time for your entire body? Some ladies like to tackle one area on each spa day. So let’s explore each area with some at-home spa ideas.

Face. Cleanse well by removing make-up and using a gentle cleanser. Steam with boiling water in a bowl with your face over it for 5 minutes. Exfoliate with a face exfoliator or facial scrub. Apply a face mask. Tone with a gentle toner and moisturize with your favorite lotion.

Hair. Wash your hair. Use a hair mask or special conditioner you’ve bought or received as a stocking stuffer.

Feet. Pedicures are so great for our soles. Warm-up some water in the foot tub, splash a little Epsom salt, and soak those toes. Exfoliate your rough areas. Cut, file, polish, and lotion. Wrap them up with some soft fuzzy socks to lock the moisture in.

Hands. Manicures have a great way of saying ‘hi” first. Soak your hands in warm water. Push back cuticles, cut, file, and polish. Apply some body scrub, gently wash it off, rub lotion or oil in between your hands and cover with some manicure gloves (or an extra pair of soft socks).

Body. Crank up that bathtub that never gets used. Turn on the jets, through in some bubble bath or a bath bomb. Fill the tub up with warm water and sit. Sit and soak. Keep your towel on the towel warmer or throw it in the dryer so you can wrap up in a warm towel after your bath. Then, exfoliate & Moisturize. Invite a buddy over for massages.

Fourth, keep some fresh fruit, warm tea, or a glass of wine nearby. All the relaxing can still work up an appetite. Something light and refreshing will keep your spa-day energy positive.

Finally, just have fun. Try something new. Do some research and prep ahead of time so you can try it out on your spa day. Set your phone down. Ignore the notifications. Enjoy your alone time. An at-home spa day is a perfect time to unplug. Enjoy the time with your friends.

Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

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