Let’s help you pick the right awning color using this easy guide!

Do you need help choosing the right color for your home’s awning? Having difficulties making the right choice of awning color pattern for your building? We are here to help you today! 

Choosing the right awning color is an essential step in defining your home’s exterior appearance. The right or wrong color could speak or against the value of your property. I know how important it is to give off the impression of sophistication from your property, and the right awning color will do a great deal of work. However, it is pretty common that many people struggle with making a good choice. 

 Color is one of the most prominent features of a retractable awning. Hence, it would help if you were cautious when choosing. It would help if you considered a few factors when picking this color, and we will discuss them by asking questions they relate to. So read these tips/points and CHEW THEM OVER! 

What’s your home’s architectural design/style?

Basically, this is the first and most essential factor to consider when choosing a color for your awning. Many structural designs will have to go with complimenting awning colors of fabrics. Usually, statement colors like forest green, navy blue, and neutral colors will suit better for traditional-style homes. For cottage-style homes, it would be best if you went with striped colored awning fabrics to create a fun appearance. 

Do you get the picture of how your home’s architectural design can affect the choice of awning color? You should never forget that whatever color you pick shouldn’t look too extravagant on your home’s design. It mustn’t overwhelm your home’s exterior; instead, it should complement. 

What’s the accent color to choose? 

 Apart from the architectural design of your house, the color scheme will also tremendously affect the choice of the retractable awning. Although you want something that stands out, you need an accent color that suits the color of the building. This way, you achieve a bold but balanced appearance. Understanding this correlation will do you much good. 

But how will you find a suitable color? Here’s a tip;

  • Tan homes: green or blue awnings will look good. But, blue will not complement a home with orange-tinted brick walls. 
  • White home: a yellow awning will go well with a white-painted house. Any other color could be used, but it would be better if yellow is used as the color code when choosing. 
  • Yellow houses: red and white awnings go well with yellow houses. 
  • Dark-colored houses: strangely, brown goes well with them. Brown also complements light-colored houses. 

Other factors to consider

Aside from the home’s design and color, you might need to go a bit deeper into non-physical factors. You might need to think a bit more in-depth into what these colors have to offer besides complementing the building. Some of these factors are; 

  • Which colors are most or least likely to fade? After exposure to sunlight, awnings might tend to fade away over the years. Meanwhile, some colors can withstand fading. Yellow is a light color and tends to resist fading. Blue or green may also be able to withstand fading to an extent. However, bright colors like red will fade faster than other colors. 
  • Which colors are perfect at hiding stains? Since retractable awnings are outdoor materials, they are very likely to get dirty and dusty. But some colors are best for hiding these stains. Black is the best at hiding stains, but they will attract dust and dirt. Red, blue, brown, or even green are good at hiding stains too. But yellow will not hide stains well and will need to be cleaned more often than others. 

A trick for this: fabric awnings can always be repainted whenever they start losing shades. So, choose the best color after considering all factors and get in touch with the right contractor today!