How to Select the Best Furniture Leg for You

Buying furniture is an investment that you want to get right. And even if you are DIY furniture, finding it in the right color and style that suits your requirements and taste is important. Every furniture piece has specific elements that require attention and will determine whether it is good or not.

One such element is the legs of the furniture. It may seem strange to focus on the legs when choosing a furniture piece, but there are so many types of legs available in the market from which to choose from. For instance, there are hairpin legs that have gained popularity over the years because of their chic and impressive look. These hairpin legs are the most versatile part of a furniture piece.  They can easily be used to create eccentric and eye-catching pieces for your house. Being convenient to use, they offer functionality as well aesthetics.

So if you don’t know what to look for, you might get confused and frustrated. So here are the parameters that you should focus on to make the right decision.


The design of the furniture determines the type of legs it will have. A huge, bulky, and rustic furniture piece is bound to have strong and sturdy legs. While a more modern piece will have sleeker and narrower legs. Hairpin legs, for instance, go well with modern as well as mid-century furniture.

They go well with all types of furniture designs. So if you are interested in hairpin legs, then check out hairpin legs from wood n wax available in amazing and unique colors.


The shape of the furniture’s legs requires attention as well. Some are straight, turned, narrow pointed, curved, etc. So try to create a balance by bringing in furniture pieces that have new and different leg shapes that were not already in your house.


The height of the furniture is an important factor that you need to consider. First, you need to decide where you wish to place the piece. There are various lengths and heights for the legs. So you need to take into account whether a particular height is functional and comfortable.

According to that the furniture you want to buy will have different lengths. For example, if it’s a table, then it should be around the same height as the armrest of the sofa. The heights need to be in proportion in order to look pleasant as well as provide functionality.


The material of the legs is as important as the material of the furniture piece itself. Try to stick to the color scheme and choose similar colors and finishes for the furniture legs so that a pleasant and harmonious overall look can be achieved.


If you are doing a DIY, then you can get creative and artsy. You can make regular legs stand out with a splash of color. For instance, you can choose hairpin legs in a different and unique color. Or you can color them yourself. This will give your furniture piece a completely different look.


Now that you know what to look for in the legs of the furniture piece, you are off to a good start. You will not be confused anymore when selecting new furniture or furniture legs for your upcoming DIY project.