How to Sell Land Online 

Selling land online can be challenging, especially if you’re not digitally savvy and the demand for vacant lands is low. However, online platforms have become more advanced in connecting buyers and sellers. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can take advance of the online world to sell your land fast. Check it out! 

Show Off the Land’s Beauty

Learning how to sell land fast starts with showing off the land itself. Take beautiful photos of the land, or upload drone footage that showcases its beauty, size, and natural features. 

For photographs: create photos that sell; tidy up the area, cut the grass, and plant flowers if you must. Take different shots of the property at different times during the day to highlight its natural beauty. 

For footage: you can’t go wrong with aerial footage. Nothing beats giving prospective buyers a bird’s eye view of what you’re offering. Hiring a professional drone videographer can be a fruitful investment. 

Additionally, provide clear and defined property dimensions of the lot. 

Select Your Ask Price Carefully

Overpricing the land deters your buyers from making an offer while underpricing it is also a no-go. As a result, you must think about your ask price carefully to make the maximum profit on the land. Here’s what you should do: 

  • Research similar land sales in your area. Take your time and compare prices and transactions meticulously to price your land competitively. 
  • Consider the location. For instance, if it’s strategically located within or near a commercial district, then you can set a higher asking price. 
  • Know your customers. Selling online is all about knowing your audience. The same is true for land sales. The more you know about your buyers — why they’re interested in buying, what they want, how much they’re willing to spend, etc — the better your chances are of selling the land. 

If you’re having trouble understanding the land market, a good real estate agent can help you out. You might have to choose between selling fast and selling profitably.

Use Good Online Platforms 

The internet is a crowded world. As such, it’s wise to use platforms that connect you directly to your target audience. This way, your land will be seen by people with actual intent to buy; not just onlookers. Here are some tips: 

  • Use keywords in your listing: online real estate platforms let buyers search through keywords. You should use high traffic and competitive keywords so when people search on the platform, your property will show up in the results. 
  • Take advantage of SEO: the keyword-targeting effort extends beyond the listing platform. If you have a landing page, a website, or a social media account dedicated to your land, optimize them for Google search results. A good SEO specialist can help you with this. 
  • Consider paid ads: many platforms offer premium listing features where you can show up in more results through paid ads. If you have the budget, take advantage of this, too. 

Take a crash course on how keywords work and how online selling platforms, as well as online sellers, take advantage of them. 

Provide Plenty of Information 

Apart from stunning videos and photos, a detailed description of the land never hurts. Buyers love it when they have a full understanding of what they’re purchasing. They also gravitate towards listings that offer more information than ones with scant details. 

When providing details, remember that some customers will naturally be suspicious. Be ready to answer any questions and address scrutiny of the listing. If you and the prospective buyer are willing, you can offer a walkthrough of the property to help them confirm or disprove any of their doubts. 

Talk about any points of interest in the land, such as its location, the weather, and potential for development. This isn’t like open houses, where you can talk about the kitchen and the bedroom. As a result, you should be as strategic with your talking points as possible. 

Focus on the Potential 

Finally, pitch the land’s potential for development on your online listing. While it helps to highlight its natural feature, it’s crucial to sell what buyers can do to the land — whether it’s for commercial buildings, residential housing, farming, local expansion, etc. This is why market research is important.