It Can’t Wait: 5 Signs That You Need Emergency Roof Repair Services

Whatever the weather, your roof should be able to withstand it all; wind, rain, snow, and hail. But if your roof has cracks or holes, then it will no longer be fit for purpose.

When you get roofing problems, it will be time for some home roof repairs.

But which roof problems should you look out for before spending out on roofing repairs?

Here are five signs that you need emergency roof repair services.

1. Your Chimney Flashing Is Worn

Your chimney flashing is made up of cement and tar. Over time, this can wear down.

When inspecting your roof, make sure that you get a good look at your chimney flashing. Metal flashing is generally the best option as it usually works well to keep water out.

2. Your Roof Is Old

Roofs deteriorate with age. Think about the age of your roof. Depending on the type of material that your roof is made of and the climate in your area, most roofs tend to last for around 20-25 years.

If your roof is older than this, it is probably safe to say that it is getting towards the end of its lifespan, and the need for emergency repairs will become more frequent.

You shouldn’t wait until your roof is old or has problems to have it inspected though.

A roofing contractor such as Conlon Exteriors Inc will be able to provide you with a quote should you need a replacement roof.

3. You Can See Light Coming Through Your Roof

If you look at the roof boards inside your attic, can you see any light spilling through? If you can, it is an indication that you have an issue.

If you have holes in your roof, you’ll open yourself up to the danger of roof leaks. In addition, your heating and cooling bill will also be impacted by the holes.

4. The Shingles Are Damaged

If you have a shingled roof, check to see whether any of your shingles show signs of buckling or curling. This is a definite indication that you’ll need to have your shingles replaced.

You should also check the shingle granules in your gutters, this will let you know whether your shingles are too old.

5. Animals Have Visited Your Roof

If any birds or other animals have made their home on your roof, you can almost guarantee that you’ll need some remedial work carrying out after you have had them removed.

If you notice any animal activity, have the animals safely taken away. Once they have gone, you can assess the roof for damage.

What to Do If You Need Emergency Roof Repair Services

It is important that you have your roof inspected on a regular basis. Many roofing contractors would advise that you do this before autumn and winter hits so that you’re prepared for the worst.

If you need emergency roof repair services, you’ll then have time during the good weather to get your roof fixed.

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