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I’ve been loving reading all the Now & Then posts that have been shared recently, especially the original on Miranti’s blog, and those of Latrina and Corina and Kory (who invited me to share mine)!

I have been hesitating to make this post, because of my age difference with those who have shared theirs before me, but after an email to Latrina (my first and ultimate blogging pal), I’ve decided I might as well put it out because there’s no avoiding it (and it does set me apart in my genre of blogging). This leads me to my second point of hesitation, which was, could I even remember ‘then’?? I resolved that reluctance and just moved the ‘then’ years up a tad so that I actually could remember some details about my toddler to elementary school life!

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Now & Then 6

As this is my first ‘personal’ post, I’m very excited to share (and read your comments)! Thanks to Kory for tagging me, and I’d like to pass the fun on to Hanna, Tan, and Aileen 🙂

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