An eclectic living room vignette featuring an oversized gilded sconce and pink velvet armchair.
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Things have been crazy around here with the onset of the last week of the One Room Challenge! I’ve got my fingers crossed it’s going to come together – the sofa delivery is scheduled for NEXT WEEK when I should already be shooting the room! And on top of that there’s the high school side of my life with AP exams next week. ORC just might be inching its way up my priority list… But while I wait for the rest of the furniture to come, I’ve got the art to think about. I think there’s a lot of potential for the art to tie the room together, and I want to complete the space with a little tropical punch – outlandish foliage and pops of pink and orange. I’m definitely pulling a lot of inspiration from Henri Rousseau and Monica Ramos (from top to bottom, below). I just started painting this afternoon, but I included some sneak peeks of my progress below. I’m painting on two canvases, but the full image stretches between both of them (they will be hung side by side above the sofa). It’s been fun to get painting again, and I’m loving the tropical subject!

Henri RousseauMonica Ramos, Just SwimOne Room Challenge: Creating the Art

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  1. Brittany Beck wrote:

    Love that you’re doing your own art, especially painting, which is pretty time consuming! Don’t know how you’re finding the time to do all this and study, but I give you mad props. Good luck on your exams! I don’t think you need any ORC luck–your room is going to be lovely!

    Posted 5.1.15
  2. Brenda A. wrote:

    I love the direction in which you’re heading. It’s going to look great. Good luck.

    Posted 5.1.15
  3. Beyond impressed that you’re doing this and taking exams. The inspiration art is lovely, and your paintings are bound to be lovely, too. Good luck crossing the finish line!

    Posted 5.2.15
    • Thank you so much Sharon, right back atcha! Your stenciled wall is looking amazing 🙂

      Posted 5.2.15
  4. María wrote:

    The almost all green ones are so gorgeous and relaxing!
    Lots of love, xx


    Posted 5.4.15

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