perfecting french toast


French toast is a great way to turn your stale bread into a delicious breakfast or brunch. We enjoyed some yummy french toast last Sunday morning, so I thought I’d share our very best tips on making the most delicious french toast!

  • The staler the bread, the better. If you like your french toast saturated with egg, then this is my best advice to use: use the oldest hardest bread you can find. Soak it overnight, and by morning it will be perfection.
  • Add some milk to your eggs. The only drawback to making french toast is that it takes a lot of eggs. To reduce the amount of eggs you use, and to make the egg mixture more custard-like when it cooks, add some milk or cream to your egg mixture.
  • Last but not least; my favorite tip! Sprinkle powdered sugar or cinnamon-sugar onto each side of the french toast before turning it over in the pan, and it will create a sweet caramelized crust to your french toast! YUM!

Have a great Wednesday – only two days until it’s the weekend again!

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