Period door styles – our top picks

Whilst new build houses seem to be springing up in all corners of the country, there will always be a huge demand for period properties thanks to the charm and more unusual style they offer. Whether you end up in an original build from a certain time period, or in an imitation-style property, you will most likely want to ensure that you have a sympathetic type of interior design in order that there is a cohesive flow throughout. And it’s incredibly easy to jeopardise this by overlooking key elements because they might otherwise fade into the background. This is very likely when it comes to elements such as the internal doors. Many people believe that because they can be a classic style that blends in, they don’t have as much of an impact…but this is not the case!

Your internal doors can have a much larger impact than you realise especially when you opt for ones which include glass panes. They will encourage the flow of light through the rooms and into darkened hallways and so on in order to brighten even the dingiest of interiors. If this sounds like something you might want for your house, check out these traditional period doors. You might be interested to know that period door styles can come with glazed panels too so you need not compromise in your period style property…

Georgian doors

If we’re being totally honest, there is no need to limit Georgian style doors to only Georgian style properties as the reality is that they are timeless. These doors were one of the first key ‘trends’ within homes and remain popular today as they still look great! They have a six-panelled finish which can include glazed panels if you so desire in order to combat any darkness within the home and make your home ready for the summer. Of course, you could buy originals and have them restored, or buy ones which have already been restored but you’ll no doubt need a slightly higher budget than the replica versions which are now available easily.

Victorian doors

Following on from the Georgian period, and perhaps an era which is more well-known in terms of house design, the Victorian times yielded some fabulously stylish pieces and the doors are no different. It was a more ornate period and the doors looked the part with their now four-panelled design, which again can have glazing if you need a little more light. Go for the replica versions rather than original and it will be friendly on the pocket too.

1930s (art deco) doors

The art deco period was dramatic in terms of style and the boldness of the era is still popular today. Doors of this time can make a real statement in your home, whether everything is matching or whether you are choosing some contrasting pieces to create a different environment altogether. And the beauty is that there are several types available, again with glazed options, so you can get exactly what is right for you.

Regardless of the type of doors you want, you will need to finish the look in your home with the right furniture pieces, all of which you can find at the Modern Furniture Shop. Create whatever kind of space you desire with the right décor, doors and furniture and love being at home more than ever.