Small Bedroom: Should it be a Problem?

A small bedroom can easily be transformed into a cozy cocoon provided that its layout is optimized as much as possible. Today, we are here to show you that a small, narrow, cramped space should never be a problem, if you remember and take into consideration the mistakes to be avoided when setting up such an unusual space.

Small rooms are a common issue, especially in big cities, where architects try to fit in as much space as physically possible. Fortunately, there are many solutions to make a small bedroom a cozy and functional space, where nothing is missing and all the necessary items are at hand. Our specialists will guide you through the process of arranging such a bedroom, so you don’t make some rookie mistakes.

Mistake 1: acquiring a very bulky bedframe

A double frame or a very big one is not really recommended in such places – an obvious rule, we believe. If it is too big, you won’t be able to move properly around the room, and you might also bump yourself into all sorts of things and furniture, risking hurting yourself. For real convenience of movement, it is important to keep at least 50 cm / 20 in around the bed and opt for the flattest possible headboard, in fabric for example.

Mistake 2: using table lamps

In a small bedroom, wall lights are recommended above all. Directly placed on the wall, they avoid using up the whole space of a bedside table, where people usually place lamps for reading before going to sleep. Plus, do not install sockets/cables on your own, contact an electrician, who will install all the switches properly – very convenient to turn on or off the lights as soon as you enter or leave the room.

Mistake 3: not utilizing multifunctional furniture

Small spaces need rationalization: you won’t be able to place a cupboard, a chest, a closet plus a double bed in such cramped spaces. In addition, too many disparate pieces of furniture are likely to create a messy atmosphere and distract its owner while sleeping. It is better to acquire a cupboard or wardrobe to place against the wall – a multifunctional item to meet one’s needs in one place. The headboard can also be used as an ingenious, ergonomic, and smart storage item if the whole construction is suitable.

Mistake 4: lining a partition with shelves

A wall + adjoining shelves = wasted space. The best solution in such situations is creating niches inside the partition, if the configuration and design allow it. Suche niches would use the free space of the bedframe, and won’t occupy other surfaces in the room. Plus, the room will look more organized with little stuff hidden a little off sight.

Mistake 5: forgetting about a secret storage space

It is not something to always think about, but your bed can hide many things. There are a few possibilities: you could position several Ikea boxes under your bed – aesthetic and very practical for hiding away duvets and other things you don’t often need. Then,if you have a bed that can be lifted (and if it doesn’t take up much space) you can store there suitcases, sheets, winter clothes, footwear. Such beds with integrated boxes are great especially great for children, who have many toys.

Mistake 6: painting all the walls white

We all know white is the super color for narrow, dark rooms, but be sure not to overdo the design. A little touch of color shouldn’t be avoided. Our specialists told us what to do when encountering such a problem – “I tend to leave most walls plus the ceiling in white, except one wall, which I paint preferably dark, this gives depth to the spade”. If talking about practical issues, we advise you to paint the wall of the headboard, which gets dirty faster, in order to give it some stain proof, at least visibly.

Mistake 7: not taking advantage of high walls or ceilings

In addition to the hanging lamps, the wall near the bed can accommodate a place for storage, shelves or even a small deported item of furniture. Anything that can be hanged will free up floor space, which is never negligible in a narrow bedroom.

Mistake 8: enclosing the sleeping area with a fixed canopy

Very trendy, a fabric roof provides any bedroom with some privacy and coziness. Preferably, use an opening canopy, which gives you the pros of a fixed canopy while also welcoming in some air. In the summer, it could be the perfect attribute to help save your sleep from all sorts of bugs, including the nasty mosquitoes.

Mistake 9: choosing typical doors

This decision is often used to zone the space or the wardrobe. The issue with usual doors – taking up more space when opening. This is not the case with sliding doors. Sliding pocket doors leave the bedroom wall free, even when open. You can thus install shelves or a drawer.

Mistake 10: not using the mirror effect

Consider acquiring a dresser or wardrobe with mirror elements, which in addition to the practicality, will considerably increase the feeling of air and volume of the space. Two mirrors set up face to face can even reinforce the idea of infinity.

Extra mistake: choosing the furniture that doesn’t fit your space, taste, and wallet

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