The Best Technique To Clean A Couch Properly

You know the feeling when you have just bought a new couch and something gets spilled on it. At first, it is devastating as you believe the couch is ruined. However, there are plenty of techniques that can be used to get rid of the stains and restore your couch to look new again. Of course, this is also a good opportunity to get the leather upholstery cleaning professionals in and have the couch professionally cleaned to make it look new.

But, perhaps the most important thing you can do, is learn how to clean your couch popery. This will ensure there is no trapped dirt and make it significantly easier to remove any troublesome stains. 

The good news is that it is surprisingly easy to clean a couch properly, you simply need to know the right technique.

Know Your Couch

It is best to clean your couch once a week as this will remove dirt and debris and prevent the buildup of substances which can then be difficult to remove. In order to clean your couch properly, you should look at the label on the couch. This is either under the couch or, more commonly, under the seat cushions. 

The most common codes are easy to identify:

  • W – cleaning with water is possible
  • WS – mild detergents can be used with water and steam vacuums are okay
  • X – no water can be used, these types of couches are vacuum only
  • S – should be cleaned with a dry detergent

Brush First

When ready to clean your couch and you have checked the label, you should start by brushing it. You will need a stiff brush that can get into the fibers on the couch. Go over the entire couch slowly but thoroughly to loosen any dirt and debris trapped in them.


The next step is to vacuum the couch with your regular vacuum. Use the soft furnishing attachment and go over the entire couch softly but thoroughly. The vacuum will pick up all the dirt and debris you have just dislodged. 

You can repeat these steps to ensure the couch is cleaned.


This section depends on the label on your couch. Assume you can use water then use a damp cloth and your chosen detergent to gently scrub the couch. Again, take your time going over the entire surface. You may need to run a second damp cloth over the couch to ensure any detergent is removed. The couch needs to air dry but it shouldn’t be left in direct sunlight as this will fade the cushions. 

If you can’t use water then simply use the detergent and follow the instructions. 

It is important to test your chosen detergent in a small inconspicuous area first, this will make sure it doesn’t change the color or stain your couch!

Flip The Cushions

A clean couch can have the cushions either way up and it is a good idea to flip them every week. This will help them to wear evenly and the cushions to last for longer. It is worth protecting your investment!