Tips for Creating the Perfect Room Decor Inspo Board

Tips for Creating the Perfect Room Decor Inspo Board 1

You don’t have to go to graphic design school in order to create amazing inspo boards for your home! In fact, creating professional grade inspo boards is just a click away, and with a nudge in the right direction, you are bound to be able to create perfect inspo boards that match your need and style. Whether it’s for your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, creating an inspo board can help your space become more cohesive and feel more put together!

Use Good Software

Finding the right software for your inspo boards is crucial to creating amazing and inspiring content! There are hundreds of different applications out there, so make sure that you are aware of your specific needs in order to find the correct software for you. Are you looking for something mobile that you could just download onto your phone, or are you looking for something more professional that needs to be used with a laptop? Are you willing to pay high-dollar for premium software or do you just want to stick with the basic and free apps? Are you going to get your photos from Google, or do you need something that has a built-in bank of stock photos? These are all important questions to ask when assessing your needs in order to find the perfect software for your inspo board needs.

Find High-Quality Inspiration Photos

Getting an inspiration photo and designing your space based off of it is one of the most important aspects of creating your inspo board. Do you have a specific piece of furniture that you want to build your space around, or do you want to stick to a certain color palette? Regardless of your intentions, you should do your best to find inspiration photos in order to get interesting and out-of-the-box ideas for your boards. Utilize Google or applications like Pinterest to find pictures of spaces in everyday homes and look at home magazines to look at professionally designed spaces!

Have Fun

Having fun is the key to creating a perfect room inspiration board. Turn on some fun music, pour yourself a drink, and allow yourself to get lost in inspiration pictures until you have a specific design in mind. If you really wanted to get creative and have fun, you could cut out specific elements of designs out of magazines and collage them together to get a basis for your inspo board. Or, you could always watch home renovation shows in order to see professional design in action. You could attend home showings to see how other people decorate their home in order to get inspiration for your own. No matter what, have fun and the ideas for your inspo board will start flowing!

Incorporate Interesting Elements

Is there a really funky chair that you saw online that you kind-of hate but also love at the same time? Or is there a piece of art that you got at a thrift store that you want to be the focal point of the room? Find fun pieces and incorporate them in your inspo boards. You will be surprised to find out that you will be able to design something really unique and interesting that will become a talking point for visitors to your home. Try a bright (or extremely dark!) covered wall, a mural, or a built-in bookshelf in order to give your inspo board and room some more character!

Use Textures

Textures are another way to make your inspo boards and rooms more fun. Unconventional textures like velvet or corduroy could be a cute accent chair, or a wooly rug could be what your room needs to become more cohesive. Maybe you want to incorporate different textures of bedding or accent pillows, or even multiple different furniture textures in order to achieve a cozy but interesting space. Regardless of what textures you use, incorporating them in your inspo board allows you to create a space unlike any other.

In conclusion, creating an inspo board for your room is the key to creating a cohesive and fun space that will soon become a favorite in your home. Use good software or materials for your inspo board in order to create a well-structured inspo board that is bound to improve the layout and design of your room.

Get high-quality inspiration photos online and use them as a basis for some aspects of your inspo board. Be sure to have fun and incorporate interesting elements into your inspo board in order to make yourself feel inspired to put your space together.

Finally consider using interesting textures and concepts in order to set your inspo board and room apart from others.

Creating an inspo board for your future space allows you to be creative and be unconventional in order to create an interesting and unique space!