Top Tips When Decorating With Roommates

Sharing a house with others is one of the best ways to save money, especially when you are just starting out. However, it can be difficult living with others as everyone has their own tastes and their own habits. Creating a space where everyone feels comfortable and can relax is difficult.

One thing you can and should do is decorate the space, making it feel more like home. Here are some great tips to help you get the decorating right.

Go With Color

It is generally hard to agree on colors as everyone wants something different. The best option is to choose a pastel color and then stick with it. If one of your roommates is already suggesting a pastel color then go with it. It’s the easiest course of action.

Add Plants

A lot of people will not add plants but they are beneficial in every environment. Plants clean the air, removing 95% of harmful contaminants. That means you will feel healthy because of them. They also require surprisingly little attention.

You can check out the array of plants on offer by clicking this link. If your roommates still aren’t sure then make it a competition. You all pick one plant and see who can keep their plant alive the longest.

Plants also add a feature to any space and help you to feel more positive, which could be important.

Mix It Up

If you are sharing a property then you are probably not rolling in money and looking to buy designer sofas, etc. That is a good thing. You can encourage all your roommates to choose the pieces of furniture they like and create a unique and eclectic style in your home. It will look better than you think and everyone will feel comfortable.

That’s going to help you all bond.

A Central Piece

This can be the hardest part of the process. You need to choose one piece that takes center stage in your home. More importantly, you all have to like the piece, whether it’s a bar or a television cabinet. Take your time choosing the piece because it should reflect all your styles. This will help to ensure you all feel comfortable and should bring the different elements of the room together.

Bedroom Space Is Unique

When sharing with others there must be a rule that your bedroom is your own sanctuary. Each person can do what they want with that space without being criticized by others. This gives you somewhere to retreat to when needed and will help to ensure you retain your sanity.

Organize It

Before you commit to any specific piece of furniture you should consider the practicality of the piece. When sharing a property this is particularly important as it will help to ensure everyone plays their part in keeping the place clean and tidy. That is what will ensure harmonious living arrangements and encourage you to be more than just roommates; you can also be friends.