Valentine’s DIY Roundup: Part Two

Valentine’s DIY Roundup: Part Two 1

Ok so I got a little crazy with this post’s graphic, but I am just having so much fun exploring hand-lettering! But I’ve got six more awesome projects you should try out because Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW! It’s probably already Valentine’s Day in Australia or something. But in case your a crafty-procrastinator, here are some more projects you should do… right now.

1// Stamp your love messages into bubblegum for a sweet surprise.

2 // Print out your own chocolate bar wrappers to make your gift one of a kind.

3 // Give your loved one an extra special pillow box Valentine.

4 // Stamp your cards with some cute DIY eraser heart stamps.

5 // Or just print out some funky modern Valentines.

6 // Make some conversation hearts that last forever!

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