What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do? 

Are you thinking of buying a real estate property? Or is commercial real estate something you want to try? First thing’s first, you will need a real estate lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is in your best interest, especially if you’re going to ensure a secure purchase. A real estate agent will assist through the search and negotiations, but a lawyer by your side will streamline the process and ensure the safety of your property. A lawyer is not just your legal representation who will guide you through the process but also someone who represents your interest through the transaction. What does a real estate lawyer bring to the table? Check out some of the whys of hiring a real estate lawyer. 

Six reasons why you should hire a real estate attorney

Bringing in a real estate lawyer in the buying or selling of a real estate property is beneficial. Apart from ironing out issues that arise during a real estate purchase or sale, a real estate attorney plays a pivotal role in home buying and selling. These are more reasons to consider hiring a real estate attorney. 

1. Conducts research for you

Real estate lawyers have experience dealing with real estate transactions, and a big part of it requires extensive research. As a buyer, investigating matters like property taxes, territory rights, requirements, and liens of the lands can be challenging. You might miss something or overlook the loopholes in the sale property, which a trained eye of a real estate lawyer would not miss. 

2. Negotiates on your behalf

Negotiating at a real estate sale takes skill and experience that a real estate attorney most definitely has. Sure, you may have gotten a steal at your last car negotiation but buying property is a life-changing decision. A real estate lawyer is far more equipped to negotiate on your behalf and secure a fair deal, if not in your favor. 

3. Guide you through the transaction

The process of a home purchase is packed with technical legal documents and terms to understand to make an informed decision. Real estate attorneys are well versed in reviewing the sale documents and interpreting legal descriptions, thus providing clarity and guiding you through the transaction. Additionally, they will explain the loan payoff history, insurance details, and the real estate transfer to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding. 

4. Reviewing the contracts

The purchase or sale of property involves a lot of paperwork. Sales contracts, disclosures, appraisals, and home inspection reports are just a few you have to deal with during a transaction. A real estate agent can help you set the terms of your contract, but it takes an expert in real estate law and contract law to draft a deal covering all aspects of the sale. The lawyer can also review the draft and interpret the contract to ensure you are protected. If any disputes and issues need clearing up, the lawyer will help you resolve the matter so that the purchase moves forward. 

5. Track the entire process

There is a lot involved in a home buying process, from review processes, inspection, and title search. All these take time which requires you to stay on top of the assigned dates. By hiring a real estate lawyer, they can track every step of the process and keep you informed of the transaction. 

6. Assist at the closing

Don’t you think you will make the real estate closing? Just call up your real estate lawyer. Apart from the research and analysis, they handle at the beginning of the transaction, the real estate attorney can attend the closing on your behalf. Any paperwork, including contracts and documents that require legal decisions to be made, the lawyer handles as they represent your interest at the closing. 

Undoubtedly, having an expert by your side when conducting a real estate transaction is a wise idea. With their training, real estate attorneys will offer you knowledge and experience to ensure you take the proper steps to acquire a property. Hiring one to handle the transactions and disputes that may arise during the process will be very helpful.