Why You Should Check on Your Radiators This Summer

Despite us using our radiators much less in the warmer months, it is still vital that we keep an eye on them to ensure that they are still capable of working to their full capacity when the winter months return. 

Keep reading for more on why you should check your radiators and the issues that can occur if you don’t.

Why checking your radiators in summer is important

Since we do not regularly use our radiators in summer, issues with them are much more likely to go undiagnosed. Therefore, it is best to regularly switch your radiators on to ensure that they are working properly. If you notice an issue with your radiators, it is best to diagnose this as soon as possible.

Diagnosing an issue in summer is also better than diagnosing one in winter, as the winter tends to be busier for plumbers. It’s also better to have the issue sorted in summer, so you aren’t having to be cold in winter whilst you wait for any repairs to be done.

Therefore, it is important to check your radiators throughout the summer to ensure that you are not leaving it until winter to sort out issues with your heating.

Issues with radiators

Some of the most common issues with radiators tend to be when the radiator stops working and is cold when it shouldn’t be. This is often down to trapped air in the radiator or a valve that is stuck and is preventing hot water from moving through the radiator. 

These issues can be easily resolved by plumbers as the resolution is to bleed the faulty radiator or open up the valve again, which is a fairly simple process. 

Alternatively, if your radiator seems to be damaged beyond repair, you have the option to invest in a new one. 

This can actually end up being cheaper in the long run, as opposed to regularly having to get plumbers to come out and sort the issues with your radiator. You can visit Trade Radiators to get an idea of what radiators are on the market at different prices.

Can I bleed a radiator myself?

It is possible to bleed a radiator by yourself if you cannot get urgent access to a plumber. There are various tutorials online on how to do so. However, this can be dangerous – you need to ensure that your central heating is switched off and has been for some time to ensure that you do not get scalded.

However, if your problem is something a little more complex than a radiator that simply needs to be bled, we would recommend that you use the services of a plumber instead. This is why you should regularly check your radiators all year round as opposed to just in winter as it gives you more time to sort any urgent problems should they arise.

It is important that you regularly check your radiators to ensure that they are in top form. It’s always easier to sort problems with your radiator in the summer months – demand for plumbers is lower, so you’ll be able to get your radiator back up and running quicker than you would in winter.