10 Amazing Tips For Redecorating on a Tight Budget

10 Amazing Tips For Redecorating on a Tight Budget 1

Some may deem decorating interiors as a frivolous activity that’s best left to people with an artistic inclination. But interior decoration serves a much larger purpose than just enhancing the visual appeal of a space. To start with, well-planned designs and home decor make a space more functional and improve its efficiency. The things you surround yourself with, whether it’s objects or people, have an impact on your mood and outlook. So, it would be a myopic viewpoint to disregard the importance of good interior decor.

If you’re bored with your current decor or you’re just itching for a change, redecorating is a fun project you can try. And don’t worry, it’s absolutely possible to redecorate on a tight budget. Here’s how you can do that.

  1.   Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall completely transforms any room in your house. And no, you won’t need to hire a painter for the job. You can use everyday objects like sponges and masking tape to create one-of-a-kind feature walls in your bedroom or living room.

If you aren’t too confident about your artistic abilities, you simply paint your house a new colour for a fresh look.

  1.   Re-Upholster Your Couch

Are the years of rough use clearly visible on your worn-out and stained couch? Just because the outer covering of your couch isn’t appealing anymore doesn’t mean you need to buy a brand new one. As long as the frame is viable, you can easily and cheaply re-cover it with a fabric of your choice.

  1.   Get More Storage

Even well-throughout interiors can end up looking shabby because of clutter. Make sure you have sufficient storage for all your belongings. Buy storage baskets and bins to utilize the space under your bed for storing things.

  1.   Buy Secondhand

Just like clothes, furniture is something that you can thrift. If you don’t have any such shops in your neighbourhood, several apps and websites are offering second-hand furniture. Don’t be discouraged by scratches or frayed upholstery as these can be easily fixed. Besides great prices, buying pre-owned furniture is an excellent way to practice sustainability

  1.   Explore Art

Art can bring so much charm into a room. That being said, art doesn’t necessarily have to be paintings made by renaissance artists. It can be anything from a cheeky neon sign to a quirky graphic print.

  1.   Repaint Kitchen Cabinets

Similar to repainting your walls, a new colour for your kitchen cabinets can make a world of difference. And it’s something you can do yourself.

  1.   Rearrange Furniture

If you’re unable to spend anything at all, but you still need some kind of change around the house, then consider rearranging your furniture. You can even try moving certain pieces from the living room into the bedroom and vice-versa.

  1.   Attempt DIY Decor

Pinterest and YouTube offer a myriad of tutorials for creating artwork and decor pieces from everyday household items. You can save money as well as recycle waste. It’s a win-win.

  1.   Swap Furniture

If your friend is moving and getting rid of their furniture, you may be able to buy it from them at a discount. Alternatively, you and your friends can host a furniture swap and exchange pieces of furniture you no longer need.

  1.   Add Plants

Plants give stuffy interiors a touch of freshness. And you don’t have to go out of your way to buy expensive plants that are difficult to keep alive. Get plants like Pothos and Snake Plants that require minimal maintenance.

Also, if you are feeling a growing concern for the planet, you should consider switching to a green energy plan. Explore Origin Energy plans to learn more.

Redecorating on a budget is absolutely doable! You just have to be a little creative and make the best of things you already own.

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