15 Engineered Wood Floor Ideas

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of setting up a home, office, or any building at all. Engineered wood flooring is one of the many types of flooring used in a building. It is the ultimate floor for many homebuyers. It gives the home a classic outlook and can be done to suit the interior decor of the home.

Engineered wood flooring differs from solid wood flooring in that the latter is done with hardwood through its entire thickness while engineered wood flooring is done with a relatively thin layer of hardwood fixed to durable plywood.

Why Homeowners Love Engineered Wood Floors

The foremost quality of an engineered floor is the classic outlook it leaves on the interior of your home. The woody appearance on the floor of a house has a way of making one feel a close proximity to nature itself. Aesthetics is mostly the first quality homebuyers look out for when choosing a home.

Engineered wood floor takes the aesthetics of your home up a notch. It can combine with top-tier interior decor to an astonishing effect. 

Engineered wood floor surfaces allow for refinishing when it loses its sheen, meaning you can enjoy the same quality of aesthetics for years as long as you refinish the surface. This is where engineered wood flooring trumps many other flooring options.

The qualities of engineered wood floor, however, are not limited to its classic outlook. It is also better suited for humid conditions than solid wood flooring. Engineered wood floors are made of relatively thin layers of hardwood and plywood. Plywood is more resistant to moisture than hardwood and gets less warped in humid conditions.

Also, engineered wood flooring is a cheaper option compared to solid wood flooring. 

Engineered Wood Floors You Can Use for Your Homes

Setting up a home and choosing the best floor that suits your taste, budget, and home can pose some problems at times. Engineered wood flooring remains the ultimate go-to option for homeowners. This article seeks to highlight some engineered wood floors that would give your home a befitting look. Below is a list of some engineered wood floors used by homeowners.

1. Tasmanian oak engineered wood floor:

This engineered wood floor is made from Tasmanian oak. Tasmanian oak is found in Australia and its use in flooring is due to its density and wear-resistant nature. 

Its light shade of pale straw color gives your home a warm feel. The oak is worked to a layer of premium-quality plywood, making a stable board suitable for flooring.

Given the oak’s density, it makes a durable floor that lasts for decades.

2. American oak engineered wood floor: 

American oak belongs to the three major types of oak. It grows in the eastern part of the United States. Its hard, heavy build makes it suitable for flooring purposes. 

American oak comes in a light shade, giving your floor and the interior of your room a crisp feeling. Usually, the oak overlays the layer of plywood that is glued to it, forming a proper floorboard.

3. Ash engineered wood floor:

Ash is a very hard, durable wood with a similar grain pattern as oak but a different variation of color. 

Ash could be creamy white or gray-brown, with the heartwood having a rich, deep brown shade. 

It is light in color, making it suitable for open floor plans and light-filled spaces.

It gives a minimalist outlook to your home, without taking away from its character.

4. Chestnut engineered wood floor:

Chestnut wood is one of the most aesthetically pleasing woods around. Its deep woody color provides a natural ambiance that is uncommon with other types of wood. 

It is close to the oak in durability. Its appearance and strength make it an attractive option for many homeowners.

5. Maple engineered wood floor:

Maple hardwood is an excellent option for engineered wood floors. Blessed with flowing grain, neutral color, and remarkable density, maple hardwood is one of the best choices for an engineered wood floor.

The neutral shade of the wood means it interferes less with the interior decor of your home, enhancing its overall design.

6. Pecan engineered wood floor:

Pecan wood is one of the hardest woods in existence and it is found in Northern American forests. 

The contrast between the heartwood and the sapwood is a detail that earmarks the beauty of pecan wood. It is fit for office or home floors.

7. Spotted gum engineered wood floor:

In Australia, spotted gum flooring is the epitome of engineered wood floors. Spotted gumwood is the hardest wood in Australia. But what is more attractive about this wood is its high variation in tone. No two-spotted gum flooring looks the same.

It gives your home a feel unique to it. 

8. Hickory engineered wood floor:

With a durable build and a sporadic color pattern, hickory wood is perfectly suited for flooring traditional and contemporary homes.

The classic tone of the wood confers an elegant look on your home.

9. Blackbutt engineered wood floor:

Blackbutt wood is known for its high durability and strength. It has a simple, straight grain pattern and light tone, making it a wood of choice for homeowners looking to give their homes a cheerful ambiance.

10. Cherry engineered wood floor:

American cherry wood has qualities that make it easily one of the most used woods in engineered wood floors. Its rich auburn color, with an elegant flowing grain pattern, makes the wood popular in making beautiful home floors.

11. Walnut engineered wood floor:

Walnut wood creates a dreamy feel with its eye-catching chocolate hues and artful grain pattern. Also, it is known for its enduring strength, making it a wood of choice for flooring.

12. Birch engineered wood floor:

Birch hardwood is a combination of strength and art in a flawless way. Its durability makes it suitable for an engineered wood floor. More importantly, is the artful effect it creates with its flowing grain pattern and rich tones.

13. Barnwood engineered wood floor:

With barnwood engineered wood floor, you make a statement of boldness and class. Its rich color ranging from light brown to darker cocoa creates an effect that makes it seem as if you are closer to nature. The feel is strong yet gentle.

14. Eastern white pine engineered wood floor:

This engineered wood floor is appropriate when looking to create an antique effect in your home. Eastern white pine is a ‘soft’ wood that hardens with time. It is durable, light, of good aesthetic quality.

15. Heart pine engineered wood floor:

Like Eastern white pine, heart pine fills the home with an antique air. Known for its simple grain pattern and rich golden color, it makes your home impress with a soft, quaint aura.