15 Fun Activities To Beat The Heat This Summer

To get relief from the intense heat of summer, enjoy a relaxing spa day, have a water gun fight, play games in the pool, or visit a park or the beach

15 Fun Activities To Beat The Heat This Summer 1

The scorching heat of summer can be exhausting. But, you can enjoy various water games and apply different methods to cool down. Even under extreme heat, these activities will help you relax and beat the heat. With that said, let us look at some of these activities and games that will help you conquer the harshness of summer.

1. Enjoy A Relaxing Spa Day

You already knew this was going to be on the list. If you want to cool yourself during summer, then there is no better way than to enjoy a day in your local spa.

But since spas can be busy during summer, some might prefer enjoying spa-like relaxation at home. To enjoy a spa day at home, you can buy a hot tub and relax there. Although setting the hot tub may be troubling, the rewards are worth it.

You can also get an inflatable spa and set it in the backyard. They are affordable, and to help you choose, check out this list of the least expensive inflatable spas.

2. Fun Fight With Water Guns

If you wish to enjoy a fun game with family and friends,  try a water gunfight. To make the play even more enjoyable and refreshing, you can use cold instead of normal water.

3. Water Balloon Piñata

We all have enjoyed a fun game of piñata when we were little. If it was fun back then, it will be fun now too. Use balloons and fill them up with water, cold water to be more precise. And the rest will be the same as a normal piñata game. A great way to beat the summer heat with friends and family.

4. Enjoyable Games In The Pool

A pool is the best place you can be during summer.  To spend your leisure time during the week, call your friends and family over and enjoy some games in the pool like volleyball, Marco-polo, ball race, and many more.

5. Limbo With Water Hose

Limbo is a very popular game, both among children and adults. Now, playing normal limbo might not be a good idea as it will drain your stamina, and you will be exhausted very fast.   As an alternative, you can use a water hose, turn it on to max water speed, and spray out a line of water to use it as the limbo stick. See who can finish the limbo without getting wet!

6. Clean The Backyard

You might wonder, how can cleaning be relaxing in summer? It will when you do it the fun way. Get a few water pipes and splash water all across your backyard, and your family members. This will be like killing two birds with one stone.

7. Sponge Cannons

This is a fun and innocent game but has a little competitiveness. This game works best if you have some friends or family with you. Get a sponge and soak them in water-filled buckets. And now, it is wartime. Throw water-soaked sponges at each other, the one with the most hits wins the war. It will be like a friendly game of dodgeball but with sponges.

8. Your Very Own Slip And Slide

Who says you can enjoy an aquatic slip and slide only at the water park? You can make one in your backyard too. Get yourself an extra heavy-duty 6 mil plastic sheeting. Then, douse the sheet in soap water. There you go, your very own slip and slide that you can enjoy for hours.

9. A Water Obstacle In Your Backyard

Unlike the ones listed above, this particular activity however will require you to have a large backyard. You will also need to spend quite some money to prepare the whole water obstacle. But there are some you can buy at a very low price. One such activity is a splash pad, which you can enjoy throughout summer.

10. Fight With Water Balloons

Instead of using soaked sponges, you will be using balloons filled with cold water. Now, throw them at one another, make sure to throw them hard enough so that the balloon pops. That is where the fun lies, after all.

11. Pass The Water Cup

We have all seen kids spilling a glass of water or milk. This game is like that and brings out the fun from within. You pour water in a glass and the kids then pass the cup to the next person without spilling it. The one who spills gets drenched by the water in the glass.

12. Enjoying The Sprinkler

If you have a backyard, then you obviously have some sprinklers installed. Although the sprinklers are there to water the grasses in your backyard, no one is stopping you from enjoying the sprinklers for yourself. Turn on your sprinklers and have fun around the backyard.

13. Enjoy An Art Class

This is not your typical art class in school. Instead, this is a fun little game to enjoy for you and your family. Take washable paint and paint each other. After you are done, wash with a hose, and you can do this again on your human canvas.

14. Have Fun Outdoors

Your fun should not be limited only to the house. You can enjoy a short visit to the local water park. Go with your family, but make sure to carry extra clothes with you, because you definitely will be getting wet on your trip.

15. A Visit To The Beach

Summer is the best time to visit the beach after all. To cool yourself and enjoy the vastness of the ocean, you can plan a trip to the beach during your summer vacation. You can enjoy various activities on the beach as well, like surfing, swimming, beach volleyball, etc.

Final Thoughts

Summer might look troublesome to some people, but mainly because they do not know how to enjoy the time. There are many fun activities that you can do during summer to enjoy your time and feel fresh.